The Book of Job Study Club | Passage 1 |

The book of Job. I've been itching to dig into it and I'm finally getting around to it. A little while ago I sent out a newsletter with the passage and questions that I was going to be researching and answering as I studied. Today I wanted to share those with you and give you the next passage that I will be studying.

When I began this, the very first thing that I learned was that for all of my life I had been confusing Job, with Lot - Abraham's nephew.

Mind blown already.

Who was Job? What was he like?

The Bible says:
  • a man from Uz
  • blameless
  • upright
  • fearing of God
  • he turned from evil
  • he was a father (of 7 sons, 3 daughters)
  • he was wealthy (7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 oxen, 500 female donkeys, and a number of servants)
  • he was dutiful in his sacrifices

Who were Job's relations?

Like I mentioned earlier, I always thought he was a nephew of Abraham, but when I sat down to google who he was related to, Abraham never came up and I realized my mixup. They have no idea who Job was related to or what kind of a connection he has. From what I could find, they suppose that he was a father to Ennon, of the lineage of Esau, but this is not factual, just conjecture. They also guess him to be a king. With so many possessions, and supposed connections/relations, it only makes sense that he was of royal lineage/blood-line.

Other things to note?

He was a pray-er for his children's well-being. One thing that struck me was that he made sure to sacrifice after every party that his family had, just in case, one of them sinned. He was dutiful to make sure and cover his family in purity.

Why did God allow Job to be tested?

The only reason that I felt was accurately revealed in verses 6-12, was that God allowed Job's testing to prove his faithfulness to the enemy. This may not be exactly theologically sound, but in my simple mind, it makes sense.

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  1. Thank you Kayla, I'm going to enjoy this walk with you .
    Grandma Jane