The Book of Job Study Club | Passage 6 |

I was surprised, as I read through these chapters, at the attitude Job seemed to be exuding. I obviously have lived with a very skewed vision of Job and his story. The cutesy little kid stories just don't do this one justice as far as the emotion and turmoil of the situations goes.
I'm learning quickly this year just how important it is to go back and actually read the stories that I "know" from my childhood. So much is different and misconstrued in the kiddie books and while they are good and important for teaching our children what is in the Bible, they barely scratch the surface of what the stories actually tell us.

Let's look at what Job had to say about his predicament and in response to his friends's comforting...

What is Job's initial rambling about?

I still have yet to put anything intelligent to this. It just goes way above me. If you have good incite on the first verses of Job I'd love to hear it!!!

In 6:21-20 is Job's retort and tone justified? What is he feeling in these verses?

It's not justified. He's speaking from bitterness (which is understandable) and not accepting the truth (childish). He seems to have closed his ears off to the truth. I've had my days here...My verse of the day is Proverbs 15:31-32 about accepting reproof.

What are Job's complaints? (7:1-8)
  • Work
  • Toil
  • Sleepless nights
  • Dirt & worms
  • Fast days
  • Hopelessness
  • His life
  • Not seeing good
  • Feeling abandoned by God

What is Job's attitude toward his friends in 7:9-16?

He is bitter, impatient, angry, and annoyed. After they stayed there with him in ashes, over night, (three nights I believe) staying quiet, he suddenly has these bad feelings towards them.

His audience seems to change in 7:17-21. Who is he speaking to and what attitude does he have now?

He changes from lecturing his friends, to being angry at God. His attitude has gone sour and faithless instead of the faith and hope that he felt in the beginning.

It's so hard to feel badly for Job right now while he seems to be so winey and pouty, but then I have to remember, if I'm honest, generally this is my response to bad things immediately, instead of faith and hope like Job started with.

And if I look a little deeper, all of my struggles have begun with a bit of faith, but as more and more happens, and I dwell and mourn more and more over my situation, the more childish I get about my trials. 

Job is no different. There's no reason that I should condemn Job for what he feels because I've felt it too.

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