Husband of the Blogger: Men's Ministry in the Church

We are going to address a topic that is very near and dear to my husband's heart today. I'm excited to hear his ideas and thoughts on the matter of Men's Ministry in the church!

I am post dating this entry because of the craze of life when it was supposed to be shared, so I apologize, but the usual commentary about his mannerisms won't be included today.

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Some Thoughts on Men's Ministry in the Church...

1. What is one way that the church could better cater to the needs of men?
By encouraging more fellowship and more interaction.

You will soon understand better, this short and sweet answer...

2. What are ways that you would like to see men more involved in the church?

Like, have the view of "get my family to church," but not being involved and getting their family involved any further than that. I think there needs to be more leadership of catering to the church family, not just theirs. There's not a lot of time investment of digging in and making it less of a church community and more of a church family. Not saying all men need to be deacons or on the board, but all men have skills that can be lent to church family. Men need to step in and say, "as a church family, we should do..." Not only getting themselves involved but they have the opportunity to get their families involved too.

"These three guys served Jesus tonight by mopping up a backed up toilet and a backed up drain." - Pastor Chris
3. What do you think the church is missing in ministering to men?
I feel like the church is missing it in the fact that there's a dedication to children and women's ministry but little for men. [At our home church there is only] Men's breakfast on Saturday, but that's it, as a church to minister to the men. If you can't make it, that's it. There's nowhere to find where I can use my strengths, there's no way...I guess, a lack of direction for men to be plugged in.

4. How do you think men can come together to better minister to one another in church?

A lot of it has to do with, so...we're all in different stages in life, single/married/married with kids/etc. to the point where there's these different...trails off...I feel like men get intimidated by other men, like, "I don't really know who you are..." I feel like they're not really social with one another, and sometimes a younger man is going to be intimidated by an older man. There's not a lot of generational integration. There's no mentoring for men where a "seasoned" man takes a younger man under his wing. The - I hate to use the term "millennial" generation - just isn't interested in learning from those before us. I feel like the church is missing men learning from one another. There's too much stagnancy in the church. "Let's try something new."

Andrew is in the center on the bottom there - ministering as a mentor to the youth group guys.
5. As a church family, how can we, women, best minister to the men in the church?
Men have tremendous pressure outside of church to be the breadwinners. We feel pressured to be invested and spend time with our families - which is great - but we also need encouragement to go DO a men's ministry thing. I think a lot of men need the encouragement because we need to do that. Go and recharge and resharpen each other.

I'd love to know about ways that your church makes sure to include the men outside of leadership roles of the board and pastoring.

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