Husband of the Blogger LinkUp: What he wished I knew...

Welcome back to LinkUp 2 of our Husband of the Blogger series! It was so fun last month to meet your husbands, I can't wait to hear what they have to say this month.
After a bit of discussion from the last linkup, we decided that we wanted to make our linkups a little more applicable to others and their marriages. Bear with us as we work through this, but we hope to make it friendly for learning from.

If nothing else, use our questions to approach your husband with - it's always fun to have pre-written questions to spark conversation.

This month we got a little more personal with questions and asked him for a few things he wished that we knew about him.

Join Caitlin of FlannelgraphsSarah of Liberty Grace LoveRebekah of Hargraves Home & HearthCrystal of Pennies and PlaydoughHailey of This Life We Love, and Amber of Embrace This Joyful Life as we interview our husbands!

What do you wish I knew about...

1. Your childhood home?
Huh? Well...I slept in a closet.
(He chuckles...)
What don't you already know?

Our families are very close and we have had numerous conversations about both of our growing up days, we have driven by his childhood homes, we spend time at the farm that he grew up on, etc. And disclaimer, it really wasn't a closet that he slept in - it was a very small farmhouse room that had a full window in it. He just likes to tease his mom that he gave up his bedroom for her craft room and he moved into a closet. It's a running family joke.

2. What refreshes you and speaks to your love language?
(Purses lips and thinks...)
(More thinking...then groans...)
An ice cold Mnt Dew refreshes me and it speaks to me when you go get me one. That's all I got Woman!
(He seriously isn't enjoying these questions...)

3. Your own space, when and why you need it?
I don't know (Said miserably)
Saturday mornings is my space. When...hopefully until 9 am. Why I need it? Because I'm tired.
(Legit, that's his answer.)

4. What household tasks are important to you to have done?
I just love it when you do my laundry. And put away my socks.
(We have actually discussed this before - he has said in the past that he loves coming home and seeing the bed made and when his socks are matched. He has a wild thing for his socks. This question also can fulfill the love language question - he just didn't care to think that deeply. He also especially loves when he gets home and dinner is made, or almost ready.)

5. Sexual intimacy and why it's important to you?
(Cracking up...)
(Tips over on couch laughing)
I wanna know what the other husbands say because I bet they're as blank as me!
(That's all I got from him. To be honest, we've never had issues in the department, we have always had an unspoken understanding and just met at an even level on this topic.)
We have 4 kids, what more do they want to know?

My husband on more intimate topics, ladies and gentlemen!

If love languages is a new concept to you, each of us speaks love in a different way. Dr. Gary Chapman has written a book featuring the 5 main love languages that people speak. You can take the test for yourself, your children, or quiz your husband to find out what everyone's languages are! Click here to check out his website and find the quiz.

Then I challenge you this week, to be more intentional about speaking to your husband's love language in a simple, meaningful way. ESPECIALLY on the days that you don't feel like it, or feel hurt by him, or unfairly loved. It will work wonders in your own attitude towards your man.

If you want to write about it on your own blog, or on your Instagram, drop your name and link below!

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