Husband of the Blogger LinkUp: Meet the Husband

I am so very excited for this new monthly post that I will be doing with fellow bloggers!!! Join us each month when we interview our husbands with 5 questions. Want to join us? Do your post and link up below. We'd love to meet your husband too!

This month we are introducing our husbands with a few questions. The goal of the questions is to firstly, bring our husbands into our bloggy worlds a bit, secondly, to honor Christ through our interviews, and thirdly, to honor our husbands as supporters of our hobbies, or home jobs!

Join Caitlin of Flannelgraphs, Sarah of Liberty Grace Love, Rebekah of Hargraves Home & Hearth, Crystal of Pennies and Playdough, Hailey of This Life We Love, and Amber of The Homemade Helpmeet as we interview our husbands!

1. Who are you?
Your husband.
(Can you elaborate on that?)
(Can you tell me more about yourself?)
No. Can't we do this later? I don't function at 5 am...
Same question, 10 pm: I already told you I'm your husband. I build cabinets and terrorize my children.
(He's so into this, can you tell?)

2. What’s your favorite thing about my blog/blogging?
It makes money sometimes.
No, I think it's a really good outlet for you to let off some steam and I think it's a really good testament to your faith and our faith growing together. It's cool to see milestones, you know, stuff like that.

3. Do you have a favorite blog to read, if so, what?
No. Other than yours. I don't read.
(He does read. He does NOT read my blog unless I show him pre-published.)

4. What’s your favorite thing about our life together?
(It took him a few questions to figure out what he was trying to answer...)
Even with all the things we've been through we can just cherish each other and still find stuff to laugh about.

5. What is one thing you want my followers to know about you?
*weird looks*
I don't want them to know anything about me - it's not MY blog.

My husband, ladies and gentlemen. In reality, he is a great supporter of my writing, even when it doesn't bring money in. He has encouraged me to do what I love and I so appreciate that about him. His patience with all of my failed business attempts and short spurts of doing things and quitting...He's a gem!

Thanks for joining us today, don't forget to head over to the other blogger's blogs and meet their husbands as well!


  1. hahahaha Now I don't feel so weird about posting my guy's answers - his were short and sweet, too. lol! So fun!

    1. Haha! At least your husband had some substance to most of his answers! I laughed at my husband's minimal enthusiasm for simple questions! haha!


  3. Mine didn't answer like I thought he would...