The Most Memorable Valentine's Day Ever

She was giggly, giddy, nervous, and 17. Although they weren't dating, he invited her to the church Valentine's banquet where they were serving spaghetti and showing Lady and the Tramp.

The had met the previous summer on a missions trip and the feelings of infatuation were clear between both of them. She however, was slower to accept that there was a spark between them. After getting out of a horrifying breakup, she was feeling less than urgent to jump into another relationship.

But he kept pursuing.

So that day, she brought two friends along, sat down by him as he finished eating and joked along with him and his friends.

When dinner was done the movie began and they started chatting. He pulled out a long, skinny velvet box and she could feel her cheeks begin to change color.

He was the only one that could ever make her cheeks flush. And it happened often to her in his presence.

She slowly opened the box...

Inside, she found, not a piece of jewelry as she has dreaded/hoped/anticipated...

But a whole pile of red Skittles!

He had gone through a 5 lb bag of skittles to pull out all the red ones since they jokingly fought over them every time they were together.

Skittles (particularly red ones) was one of many things they were finding they had in common.

I'd love to be able to say that he asked her to date him again that Valentine's day, but he knew better and it took another 5 months for him to ask again...

Yes, I lead Andrew on for almost an entire year before giving into his persistence!

That Valentine's day will ALWAYS be one of the MOST memorable for me simply because of his sweet thoughtfulness through that silly gesture of love!

What was your most memorable Valentine's day?

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