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Have you experienced loss in your life? Job? Home? Family? Car? Etc... My little family sure has been racking up a list for the last seven years. We haven't had anything devastating happen, we have bounced back well, but after recently losing our car, I began to contemplate the book of Job.

It's comforting to know that a. we do not experience loss alone, and b. that we are not the only ones to experience certain losses.

Browsing the internet, it's difficult to find stories about certain losses to relate to. When we were going through our foreclosure, there was NOTHING as far as blog posts or other people's stories. People simple don't share things like that, or as it seemed to me at the time, they didn't face things like foreclosure.

Anyway, back to today...We have experienced loss, not tragic losses (except for my sweet nephew) but monumental losses. Ones that sometimes feel tangible, and it has brought me to the place of wondering more about Job and how he coped and dealt and processed through what he lost.

I know the story of Job through Sunday School lessons but never directly studying and I have a desire to go deeper.

With hopes of processing my own losses more graciously and with a better understanding of what is behind loss and what lies ahead.

Each Friday I will be posting my processing through passages as well as sharing a passage for the next week in hopes that you will join me.

I am going to be working through Job 1:1-12 this week.

As I glanced over the passage, a few questions struck me so these will be the questions that I will be digging into deeper and processing through:

  1. Who was Job?

  2. What was he like?

  3. Who were his relations? Friends, family, lineage, etc...

  4. Why did God allow Satan to come into his presence?

  5. Why did God allow Satan access to attack Job through loss?

I can't promise deep, theological answers, but I can promise honest feelings and processing as well as parallels to my own story. And maybe other applicable scripture references.

I hope you'll join me, I created a Facebook group for this study so that we can have community coming together to learn about Job and loss and encourage one another. Come back again next Friday to learn my thoughts and get the next passage! OR, better yet, sign up for my newsletter and get the passage a day early, PLUS a printable, and join the Facebook group!!!


  1. That's neat you have a Facebook group to discuss the questions. A teacher I sub for recently studied Job. It helped her a lot in what she's going through.

  2. Thanks, Brenda! I'm looking forward to getting it kicked off on Thursday this week and will hopefully have good interaction in the group! :)