Loving your kids when you are completely exhausted

Her vision was blurry, her breaths were coming in short bursts, threatening to stop all together...She felt about ready to pass out, could feel the weariness EVERYWHERE, it was almost as if it was an extension of her body.

And there they were, demanding her attention, clinging to her even though she could barely carry herself from one room to the next. Asking for this, complaining about one another, begging for just ONE more thing...

Have you been there?

I haven't been quite to that point, but for the last few weeks, I have just felt foggy brained with everything that I have going on, being sick, having a pregnancy, schooling my boys, working, volunteering, finding my own time, etc...I was almost not functioning any more.

I find it the most difficult to love my kids when they are demanding things for themselves and I am so worn out.

But these are also the times that I find it most important to shut everything off for a day and sit down with them, even if it's just watching movies all day, just being with them is helpful for me, and for them.

It's good for them to know that even in the midst of busyness, they are a priority - they still matter enough to break from the other priorities that life gives.

I find that I appreciate their sweetness more when I allow myself to step back from my chores and work and just spend time with them, no matter what we are doing. And it rejuvenates me.

Maybe for you, you just need a break. Don't feel bad to call your nearest relative and see if they'll babysit for you for a time, or ask a friend to childcare swap. Chances are you know at least one person that will watch your children so you can just have a rest. Get a car wash, stop by the coffee shop, walk to the post office, there are many simple ways you can refresh while still being a mom.

If you know a mama, give her a break. Offer to watch her kids free of charge - no strings attached. Pop in one day and just say, "go, do this..." She will be so grateful, I'm sure! Sometimes mamas just need to sleep, offer to take the kids to the park for a few hours, or over to your house and have dad pick them up after work, whatever it is, be thoughtful, creative and remember what YOU needed as a young mama.

What refreshes you when you are exhausted and still need to care for your kids?

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