December Series: A prayer for PROTECTION

Although it may seem a little counter productive to pray for protection for someone that doesn't seem like they could be protected in any way except for being freed, there can be protection in the midst of trial and persecution.

Join me today to pray for the protection of the victims of slavery. Protection for their minds and hearts - how easy would it be to simply give up all hope and willingness to live in the situation of being forced to do unspeakable things?

The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9

Father, we call out to you today on behalf of those that are in slavery.

We know that you see them and that you care deeply for them. Protect them, God.

Protect their hearts from giving up, give them courage to face the next second/minute/hour/day, etc. Protect them from giving up, protect them from hating themselves, from harboring bitterness, and from cowering in fear.

Protect them with a radical intervention. Send the right people to the right places that they might be physically protected and set free!

Be a stronghold for them, for they ARE oppressed. Protect their hearts from becoming hard and unfeeling. Protect their minds from giving into the lies that they are worth nothing or that they have no hope.

Protect their bodies from harm - convict those that would inflict pain and grief upon them. Protect them from being damaged beyond repair or recognition, protect them from damage that changes the way they function.

Be their fortress, their strength, and their courage.

Thank you for joining me again today. There are so many more prayers to come. If you have suggestions or encouraging verses, please share them in the comments, I'd love to have a little community and fellowship of prayer and intercession for the men and women and children that are enslaved.

Be sure to come back on Monday for the next prayer.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Amen to all of this, Kayla! I love how deeply you think about things that are hard to talk about.

  2. Awe thanks Julie! I'm so glad to have you along here! :)