Hello, I'm Kayla and I collect People

Strange post title, I know - a little creepy, BUT - I promise you that is by NO means what I am referencing. Growing up, I always wanted to know what my "thing" was.
My friend Lindsey would follow families with babies and make binders full of articles about them and their families, she could tell me exactly how many kids the family had, what each of their names were and how old they were - probably even their birthdays.

Other kids had bands that they followed, sports teams, sports kinds that they did and were passionate about, they played music, excelled at this or that, were this in school or were this high on the class ranking...

I've had none of that. I've never found my "thing" - even with my design, I feel like everyone and their mom does it and what I do is just not special. And it's not. In reality, it's really not because EVERYONE can do it and everyone does do it.

Over this last week God has opened my eyes and answered so many prayers that I've been praying for forever, and He did it in such a simple way. Here is the prayer that I prayed on Wednesday:

"Jesus, fill me. Jesus, I don't know what to pray. I feel a little lost. Father, I'm so unsure of praying. I don't know how to connect with you. Connect with me, find me in this place that I am wading through. God, I want to commune with you. I want to be so immersed I you. I want to be so connected and in tune with you. I want to fall deep into you and I want to tap into my spiritual gift. I don't even know what it is. I feel so less than. I feel so shallow and disconnected. I feel so insignificant and useless. Use me, I want to do all I can for you. What am I supposed to be? Make yourself known to me. Make me know my significance in you. Fill me up. Jesus, I know my identity is in you. I know you hold my significance and worldly approval is not what I seek, I want to be your tool, I want to be connected, communicating, intimate with you. Jesus, be my confidence, be my assurance, be my security, be my foundation."

He is answering that swiftly, clearly and oh, so graciously.

So, what does that have to do with collecting people?

THIS: Collecting People is my thing! I SEE people, he has used my past, hurts that I have endured to really SEE people and to be aware of their hurts and to connect with people on a special level. I struggle to forget people. I don't always remember names, but I remember faces and places. I know this person from this and I can remember their story.

That is my thing. I am a lover of people and I don't easily turn from that.

I have a collection of people in my heart that grows daily. And That. That is my gift, that is my "thing" and that is how He is using me.

The vision that was spoken over me this past week was a beautiful picture of me playing in a brook with my boys, blowing bubbles and the bubbles burst into butterflies as they popped and people were coming to play and enjoy the bubbles with us and as I was rewriting my prayer I saw another answer.

Jesus met me "where I was wading." The one that spoke the vision over me had no idea that I had written that prayer hours earlier, she had no idea that I used the word, "wading" but the vision of a brook came to her. You WADE in a brook. Jesus met me in the place that I was wading through in a beautiful way.

And I am secure. I am secure in knowing that my thing, is people. I am confident that THAT is what He is going to use me for and He will do things with my love of people.

He has a beautiful story written for me and I am just beginning to see glimpses of it. How exciting life can be when we rest in the confidence of His ultimate Glory.

Rest well today, friend - He is not done with you either.

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