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Last week Kayla (I) walked us through color use for the summer season and now, I'd love to share with you the top 5 pattern mixing rules. Perfect for everyone whether you are casual, preppy, or professional! Anyone can incorporate pattern mixing into their wardrobe!

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  1. Match colors: The key to proper print mixing is to match the dominant colors in each print

  2. Pair Large & Small: by changing the size of the prints, you give yourself more visual interest and breaks up your look

  3. Think in terms of straight & curved: pair prints with opposites in mind stripes & florals, polka dots & plaid

  4. Break it up: Balance all that pattern with a neutral solid piece and tone it down, just because we are pattern mixing doesn’t mean we have to wear them one on top of the other. Have a great patterned skirt you want to wear; don’t reach for a patterned top, add printed shoes or a printed scarf over a solid top so there is room between prints.

  5. Treat a new texture the way you would a print: Have a fun textured top? Treat it like a print, let it stand on it's own or pair with a coordinated print in terms of color, different size, or opposite. For example: I have a crochet overlay top that I love, to mix with another patterned piece I'd add a striped skirt or plaid scarf.


Via Anthropologie Via Anthropologie[/caption]

Buy a pre pattern mixed piece & try it out before jumping in the deep end head first. This one from Anthro has a small polka dot print back, striped front, and a floral front pocket and all you have to do is add jeans, or a coordinating floral swing skirt!

Via Sunsets & Stilettos Via Sunsets & Stilettos[/caption]

Sunsets & Stilettos casual pattern mixing works because she gives room between prints and allows the floral scarf to be the dominate piece in her ensemble.

Via Greater than Rubies Via Greater than Rubies[/caption]

Caitlin from Greater than Rubies, shows you that texture is a great play on a visual tonal pattern. She wears a cute lace detail top with mint pants and leopard stacked heels. She gives room between her two 'prints' uses, allowing her mint pants to break the contrast of her look.

Via Hello Gorgeous Via Hello Gorgeous[/caption]

Start with a bolder print try paisley or a graphic pattern print. The bold graphic print in Hello Gorgeous' look dominates the look while her striped flats quietly bring it all together.

Via Tanesha Awashi Via Tanesha Awashi[/caption]

Try mixing simple patterns such as bold stripes and a romantic floral print, make sure they have the same base color, notice the difference in size, small stripes with big bold floral prints

Via Bloglovin' Via Bloglovin'[/caption]

Via My Little Magpie Via My Little Magpie[/caption]

Via Vogue in Vines Via Vogue in Vines[/caption]

Feeling comfortable with the first two pattern mixing tips try mixing 2-3 unique and different patterns, on top of each other! Or two of the same pattern!

Do a quick search on Pinterest to get inspired, no worries! I have done it for you already...just click here

You notice ALOT of stripes on this search right? Want to know why? Stripes are in general considered a neutral, so are leopard prints. That is why ladies can rock a simple leopard print flat with just about anything and look like the chic-est girl in the room.

Where to go from here, well, I'd start with patterned flats in stripes and leopard print, add a mixed print top, build the print selection in your closet, and add textures if you aren't ready to jump into pattern. Remember the rules! I can't wait to see what looks you try!

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  1. Mixing patterns is such a fun thing as long as you know how to do it! This is a great post - thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Yes - I totally agree! Thanks for reading!!! :)