An Open Letter to My Mom for Mother's Day

Mother's Day was yesterday, but since I don't post on Sundays I figured it would be ok and extra fun to share this the day after and to celebrate for just one more day. I shared something with another blogger about how my relationship with my mom has grown/changed since my teenhood and I wanted to reflect on that a little more, so here goes:

Dear Mom,

I know that things didn't begin easy for you. I was a stubborn, free-spirited soul (I guess I still am at that) but I remember wanting nothing more than to break away from you. I wanted the clip on my wings to grow so I could be free and fly away from the cage that I felt you had me in.

I don't remember a lot about our relationship during my middle school days but I do remember fighting a lot. I remember being angry with you often. I remember being frustrated with you because I felt like you just weren't listening to me and you just didn't understand me.

But we have come so far since then. So much has happened since my days of thick make-up and "going out" with boys behind your back.

You have become one of my closest friends.

You are always there when I need some wisdom for my own mothering and I so value your leadership from the fighting time in my life.

I know that you did your best (which I think is pretty great) and I know that you tried really hard to cater to me while walking in wisdom.

My hope is that I can even be half the mom that you were (and still are) for me. You have taught me so much, not only through homeschooling and general life tasks, but so much more importantly, you have been a MODEL Christ-follower and Jesus-lover.

Sometimes I struggle with shaming myself for not being more passionate and involved in the Word because that's how my mom is.

They say that you find yourself turning into your mom and I so totally see things like that poking through my adulthood. :)

I just laugh constantly to see what unfolds in my life - "Oh look, the same thing that my mom does/did..." From my involvement at church to what I do in my day to day. We may be totally different in our personalities, but our life goals and dreams have been really similar.

I love that there is so much that we can share as adults. Doing conferences together, doing church decorating, leading ministries, working with youth, ministering to our friends and families. Our hearts beat for the same passions and it's just so fun.

I love you, mom and really appreciate what you do and all of the effort that you put into giving me a solid, firm foundation of faith.

I hope to carry your legacy well.



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