Accepting the next move in the nomadic pattern of my life

So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him. -Luke 5:11

All of my life I have lived a pattern of beginning something, getting bored and quitting. Sports, piano, books, workouts, you name it. If I start it I don't tend to go out on a strong note.

Noonday was going to be different. I made up my mind so securely that I was going to fight through the dry season of no shows and make a way for myself to continue with it so that I could break my pattern of always quitting and giving up when things get hard or slow down.

God had another plan for me though.

I had my shopping cart all filled up and totaled out to the exact amount of my sample sale income to purchase new spring line pieces.

I was uneasy though.

It was a big number and Andrew still didn't have a job and I was feeling hesitant to press the checkout button.

So I went downstairs (the computer was in our room at the time) and asked him to come upstairs and talk to me. So he came up, saw the number and goes, "WHOA, that's a lot of money."

I was crushed.

My heart was broken.

I was so certain about continuing and I knew from his tone that he didn't want me to and in my heart I had the feeling that it was going to be my next change.

We discussed it and came to the agreement that the money that I was putting in for it just wasn't cutting it and I couldn't afford to do it anymore.

I am so sad to say that today is the last day of my career as a Noonday Collection Ambassador.

I am excited, however for the things to come.

Andrew and I were dreaming together and we have both desired to run our own business so we sat and dreamed about what we could do.

Although letting my Noonday career go has hurt and I have felt that a part of me was going to be gone when I let go, it has also helped to secure my identity in Christ. I had to trust that I am still me even if I loose Noonday. He still has dreams for me to fulfill and right now I am ok with where I am.

Now I am waiting for the next chapter to open. I am taking up my net and following.

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