My 2016 style resolutions

Shelby and I have been doing Wear it Wednesday for seven months already!!! Whoa! Since we turned a new leaf here with 2016 catching us off guard we decided to share our style resolutions!

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1. fill my closet with only fair trade and ethically made clothing.

2. wear only clothes that make me feel great.

3. become confident in anything that i walk out of the house in.

4. learn more about fashion and style this year.

5. Stay up on the current and trending fashions.

I really want to be contentious about my closet and it's going to be a slow process to fill it but my goals are to make a difference with it. it coincides with my goals for our family this year too. i just really want to use our money in ways that benefit not only ourselves but the future that our boys will be involved in.


What are your style/fashion resolutions for this year? I'd love to hear them, please share in the comments!!!

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