Dressember Recap

December and 2015 are over. so long yesteryear.

wrapping up the year's outfits today and summing up my thoughts on how Dressember went for myself. to start us off i've got my last few days recapped here:

Day 26:

dressember 26 by the creative jayne

Day 27:

dressember day 27 by the creative jayne

Day 28:

dressember day 28 by the creative jayne

Day 29:

oops, missed this day...

Day 30:


Day 31:

dressember day 31 by the creativejayne

as i have gone through the last few days already i have really struggled to get dressed in something OTHER than a dress.

i was really finding confidence and security in my dresses and i have lost footing now.  I shared this on instagram on the 31st:

"Happy New Year's Eve and the LAST day of @dressember. I'm ending the year in my very favorite of dresses from @elegantees. When I got this dress I was a little worried that'd I'd never wear it and that it wouldn't fit me well because it is a size medium. Since 2013 I have only fit into large or xlarge and I was a little broken upon receiving it. But I love Elegantees and knowing the hope and freedom it must have given the maker to create it I was determined to put it on and wear it at least once. Once I put it on I INSTANTLY saw myself differently. I felt accepted regardless of my large shoulders and belly pooch. Not elegant words but those two things hinder myself from accepting me. This dress has given me a new confidence and has helped me to see myself a little clearer through my own Maker's eyes. You see, as I am sharing this I am seeing the parallel with this dress and myself. My maker put time, effort and love into shaping and making me and no matter what my "dress" looks like he loves me. I look at myself differently while I wear this dress because of its maker; I need to look at my own self differently because of MY maker. Dressember this year has been a stretch of myself and an incredible confidence boost. In raising awareness I have become more aware of myself and how I've viewed me. Dressember is advocating for those whose dignity has been stripped from them and in the process of my advocacy I have grown in my own sense of dignity. Here's to a new year, fresh beginnings and a new sense of worth."

so therein lies my struggle. and i will continue to try my hardest to see myself through the eyes of my maker. maybe i just have to buy more ethical pieces to feel more confident...yea...we'll see. :)

[wpvideo z2Bbah0m]

what was your favorite part of watching my dressember campaign? did you do your own dressember campaign?


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