Wear it Wednesday | Volume 17: How to Wear a Blanket Scarf

Shelby and I are taking turns writing posts for the next month and today Shelby is filling us in on how to wear a blanket scarf...

Friends, it is still not full out fall here in Central California but I received the most awesome blanket scarf in my September Fix from Shiraleah. And today I am going to share with you how to style this. Now, let's remember I am whopping 5'2" and this "scarf" is as big as me! So this post it help encourage anyone of any height or size that you too can rock a blanket scarf, so long as the weather is cool enough!

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kayla

First, here I am with my blanket scarf, completely unfolded...remember I'm 5 foot 2 inches...and this is a huge scarf. In fact, I plan to use it as a blanket and a scarf on an upcoming trip!

[caption id="attachment_4701" align="aligncenter" width="620"]How to wear a blanket Scarf | Adventurous Shelby What you can't see is it is touching the top of my toes![/caption]

Now there are a few different ways to rock a blanket scarf and I have linked the how-to's with the final product images I have taken for you! First, you can wear your blanket scarf simply as a single wrap. By making your blanket scarf into a triangle and then wrap the ends around your neck and back to the front. You can knot them underneath to hold in place if you want or let them hang. The way I did.


Find the how to HERE

Another way is to turn your blanket scarf into an infinity scarf, simply pull the scarf long ways and tie to the two ends and wrap around your neck the way you would wear an infinity scarf.


Find the how to HERE

For a preppy look, perfect for Friday night football games, pack your blanket scarf as a scarf and as the evening cools down you can try as as shawl to see your shoulders and torso warm. Add a chunky belt to help hold in place.


Find the how to HERE


Ladies, thanks so much for stopping by today! If you need more help here is a fun video from a fellow petite lady on how she rocks her blanket scarf! Again, all else fails it is a great blanket!


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