A Thanksgiving Note to My Youngest

happy black friday. i’m not going to try and sell you anything today. i’m not going to offer a lot of hollow deals or take your money. rather i am going to finish up my thanksgiving letter series with a letter to my baby. (in case you missed it you can read letter 1 here, letter 2 here and letter 3 here.)

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Little Elliot, you are such a joy.

I am so thankful for your sweet smiles. My heart melts whenever I look at you.

I am so thankful for your health and strong development. I love watching you move and change and learn.

I am so thankful for your love for your brothers. You look at them and just light up and it makes my heart sing.

I am so thankful for what an easy baby you are. You are so even mannered. I never thought my babies could be any easier and then you came along.

I am so thankful for the nights that you have been a little fussy and I have to rock you to sleep. I just soak those moments up.

I am so thankful for how you are growing up. As much as I miss your infant days and will miss this season I love seeing you growing so healthy and strong. What a blessing.

Elliot, you tickle my mama heart and I am just all around thankful for you my sweet bundle of love.

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