day 6 – How to Plan a Party: inviting

inviting can be an intimidating part of the party planning but it doesn't have to be.

how to plan a party like a mad genius blog series by the creative jayne

check out my party planning printable for a section to fill in your guest list.

first off what your party is for will give you a good idea of where to begin inviting. our birthday parties usually include all of the same people, a few close friends, our immediate families and our grandparents - our game nights always include our closest friends - my Noonday Collection trunk shows (yep, i had to include that in here at least once!) i invite my girliest friends, a few of my mom's friends that i'm familiar with, aunts, cousins, grandmas...

look at what your party is for and decide who you will invite. once you have decided who is on your invitation list, go ahead and print em up! i always do a few extra just in case anyone else comes to mind or in case i mess up on addressing (if i decide to go with a postcard style). if you need a super cool invitation check out my free download here!

there are several ways that you can address your invitations, you can just hand-write them in simply or you can check out this post about how to address them with calligraphy. you can print on them or you can do labels. none of these options is particularly better than the other, it's totally your own preference!

let's talk a little bit about etiquette: i'm gonna get the elephant out in the open and right away say DO NOT MENTION GIFTS. even if you don't want any, you DO NOT mention it on an invitation. yes, it's old school but it eliminates a lot of awkward drama that is completely unnecessary. yes, ESPECIALLY in wedding invitations. you do not include registry information in a wedding invitation - JUST PLEASE DO NOT.

next, don't overload the invitation with information. the less the better. people like to skim so put just the basics so when they do skim they get the important stuff.

third, if you are going to do your own, keep it simple. like previously mentioned less is better. keep it to just 2 fonts - it stays cleaner that way and you have less chance of fonts clashing.

those were kind of intimidating and may seem harsh so let's talk about fun, fluffy stuff now!

here are a few great party fonts for you:


so there you have it! i'd love to see what you've created if you use these font combos, tag me on instagram or hashtag them with #31daysofpartyplanning!
do you have an idea of how to do your invitation yet?

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