day 20 – Planning a Cookie Exchange

so, we got the birthday parties and generic parties out of the way, let's look at a more specific party: a cookie exchange.

last year i co-hosted a cookie exchange with my mother in law at our church. i was just itching to do something to connect with the ladies at church, offer my creativity in some way and meet new people. what better thing to do than host a cookie exchange with only three or four weeks until the chosen date?

31 days of party planning hosting a cookie exchange with the creative jayne2

that's right, nothing.

so, we put our heads together, i found this book and we got to work. over the next few days i will be sharing ways that you can be planning a cookie exchange as well but for today, here is what we ended up with:

2014 cookie exchange_3

coffee and cocoa bar (above) our buffet line (below) i did photos before we set out the food.

2014 cookie exchange_5

as a menu we did little tea sandwiches (cucumber on rye and chicken salad), caramel corn, veggies and cheese and crackers.

2014 cookie exchange_7

i packaged my cookies in old calendar pages that i folded into boxes. i lined them with wax paper and put the cookies in.

2014 cookie exchange_8

we did a voting contest and the prizes were the snowman cookie jars, a set of handmade cards (courtesy of my talented SU! mother in law), a devotional journal from my shop and a prayer planner from my shop.

2014 cookie exchange_9

(above) our cookie display table - we set up a spot for each lady to lay out and display her cookie packaging and we had a small dish to taste-test each cookie. (below) my m-i-l's cookie packages.

2014 cookie exchange_11

here is one of our place-setting stands. we used a variety of cake stands, plates set on bowls and other serving dishes for display. i made a tag for each of the cookie varieties and we laid them out ahead of time so we could easily fill up our table.

2014 cookie exchange_12

at each of the table settings we had little favors for each lady that came (and a couple extra). i found those adorable Reuse Daily cups and made a recipe book of all of the different cookie recipes for them each to have. we topped it off with a wooden mixing spoon.

2014 cookie exchange_15

if you keep following along i am going to be offering free printables for a pile of cookie exchange things as well as talk about the game that we played, what we will be playing this year and things to do and not do. at the end of the week i will also be opening up a cookie exchange give away so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on all of the fun!
have you ever done a cookie exchange -either attended or hosted? what was the best part?

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