day 19 – Making Hubby’s Birthday Special when he has to work

hubby is turning 27 today. yep, he has to work. it's monday. woohoo. he's excited. not. anywho, i want his day to be as special as possible. my love language is gifts and he has said he doesn't want anything for his birthday so here is what i am planning on doing...

in case you were wondering, here's a shot of my beardo.

Labor Day 2015_35

beardo: A weirdo with a beard. - urban dictionary

i'm a lucky gal. anyways. he's not one of those early risers which is good for me this morning. i will begin the day by bringing him a steaming hot cup of coffee in bed. as he slowly gets himself up i will make him a breakfast he can take on the road, yes, it takes him THAT long to get going. we usually run out of  morning time before he heads out the door.

i usually make an egg sandwich for him because it's easy to grab and go. i'll also make him a sandwich for lunch but i'll add in a few cookies that i baked yesterday for him. he's a cookie nut. i will also add a little love note in there for him. may be in his sandwich, maybe not. yep, i'm that kinda wife. ;) he loves it.

i'll have dinner ready for him at 7 when he gets home from soccer. i am planning on doing a lasagna  - no i don't do these from scratch, my last one turned out to be more of a mush than a lasagna. i'll buy stauffer's. and some garlic bread (he'd eat an entire loaf on his own he likes bread so much.) i'll have salad with it because what kind of a wife would i be if i didn't make him eat his veggies, yes, even on his birthday! then we will finish the meal off with a cookie cake (this is made from scratch!)

since we will have previously celebrated with our friends, today will be just an intimate, special time with our little family. i'll have the boys present cards that we made while dinner was cooking and i'll give him some sort of card or love letter and we'll end the day by cuddling on the couch to a movie. or arrow. or the flash. both are highlights for him. either way, i'll do my best to make today all about him, what he enjoys and try my best to speak to his heart with my little acts of love.

what do you do for your husband's birthday?


  1. I usually make Travis brownies and make sure I have ice cream on hand. And we usually go out for a steak, as I don't make them very often plus then at the end I don't have to do clean up. Going out is a BIG deal for us so we usually save it for special occasions like birthdays etc.

  2. it's so fun to have a sweet tradition like that. it's a great idea to make going out a BIG thing. it's harder to do when you have kids and when we go out it's usually like a trip to the grocery store...but how special to have a plan for your going out!!! :)