day 12: how to make a 5 year old's birthday special

yep, you read right, my baby is 5 today i wanted to make his birthday extra special.

i opened up pinterest and searched: birthday breakfast. i asked him what he wanted and he pointed to's how mine turned out:


and here's the birthday boy with his special breakfast:


he's so handsome. in case you're interested (since it is such a unique looking dish) it is a fruity pebbles parfait. here's what's in it:


my first thought when bennett picked it off of the pinterest page was "grooooooss!!!!!" but in reality it's not so bad. it's fruity and fresh and not terribly bad for you like a cinnamon roll or birthday cake pancakes would be. you can balance the sugar in this one.

andrew and i decided not to get him a gift to open tonight but instead do a big, special gift at his birthday party that is coming up. so in place of that, tonight i will be doing a pizza with him since that's what he requested for dinner and then we will have cake together!

his teacher got him a special birthday cupcake for school today and he is just excited to be 5. after school we are going to stop by his grandparent's house so they can give him a little something and then we'll come home and i'll let him do whatever he wants (within reason) until dinner time.

i'm thankful for these simple years of the kids being easy to please.


time flies so quickly. we are so thankful for our sweet eldest son. he is loving, thoughtful, a gentleman and so very smart. we celebrate the 5 years that we have had our precious boy and look forward to all of the rest of them that God will grace us with.

how do you make your child's birthday special?

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