day 13 – Birthday party prep board

i am so looking forward to the birthday parties that are coming up for my guys this year. bennett and parker's birthdays are exactly 30 days apart and because they are both so close to the holidays where everyone is traveling and weekends get full and busy i like to combine their parties to make it easier on everyone else and a lot less planning for myself. so far bennett's birthdays began with an owl theme, then just a general fall theme then we did a batman party and last year, a lego party. this year will be a lumberjack theme for my manly men!

i put together an idea board of the look and feel that i want their party to have:

lumberjack birthday party idea board

i am so excited about this theme. i mentioned before that my husband thought of serving soups/stews as main dishes - which i love!!! and i'd like to do some kind of a s'mores cake and serve cider as a drink along with our usual pop and water.

my centerpieces will have logs and pinecones incorporated and i'd love to purchase some buffalo print fabric to have as either a banner hung up or a table cloth, at this point i'm not completely sure which.

each of the boys will have a buffalo flannel shirt on, one with suspenders and one with boots. (things we already have in the closet!)

i am excited about the party favors for this one, i love to give gifts and in appreciation for how much our boys are loved i want to be sure to give everyone something for coming so i decided on tree seedlings! you can purchase them from the arbor foundation and they will send you the variety that you choose. i believe i will select the flowering bunch since there are so many pines around our area. that way it's something that people can plant and cherish rather than take home and throw away.

if you want to see more of the ideas that i'm looking at, you can head over to my pinterest board. be sure to check back around the 25th/26th to see the actual photos!!!

what would you add to my lumberjack idea board?

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