blogging for books: review of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

anticipation building, scissors out to slice open the tape, unwrap the plastic coating, breathe in deep, deep, deep. exhale, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. the fresh smell of new books for the home school year.
every time i get a new book or walk in to a book store i can't help but breath in and get swept away back to the days of warm sunny mornings in our dining room. i have always loved to read. my mom said i was reading at 4 years old. words have always been a powerful thing to me. i know they are to most people but as it would seem, i have a gift for expressing when i really stop and try.

growing up i read like it was candy. i loved the Mandy books, Nancy Drew, Boxcar Children, Trixy Belden; as i grew i began reading other books by authors like Dee Henderson, Colleen Coble, Francine Rivers. I every once in a while will throw in a non-fictional or inspirational book but it has to really move along in order to keep my attention.

I received a copy of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World to review and I did not regret the choice. from the very beginning i was swept away into a reflection of myself. i so easily related to Joanna Weaver's personal stories and connected so deeply with her words.

the creative jayne book reveiw

she has a conversational writing style that makes it easy for me to read and follow along with while moving things along and giving the book and it's chapters a smooth flow. i really enjoyed this book and will definitely be looking up more Joanna Weaver books in the future!

if you are looking for some freedom from your "Martha tendencies" this book is definitely the one to help you be set free.  with solid scriptural references and Biblical steps to take, Joanna Weaver elegantly and graciously walks you through first weeding your heart of anxiety and fear to ending with a complete surrender to Christ's heart.

overall i really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from Joanna Weaver.

what book has kept you page-turning lately?


  1. I just finished Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling, she makes me laugh so hard

  2. fun, that's on my list to get. i've had this one since last year...oiy. but i just requested a prompted journal that looks like so much fun!!!