Wear it Wednesday | Volume 10: What's in your Bible Bag |

Hey friends! We're taking a break from clothing and fashion today and chatting about what's in your bag. Bible edition. Shelby has an awesome post today about how she uses her journaling Bible - so inspiring! Read on to find out what I've got in my bag...


My Bible Bag - the bag that I use really fluctuates depending on what I am currently carrying. Most commonly it happens to be my purse. For this round of Wear it Wednesday I just used one of my go-to purses to load up and show you what I've got along...

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My regular Bible time has begun to consistently include my ESV journaling Bible, my Hazel Berry Design Co's Humbled Hearts Daybook, a blank notebook and my Jesus Calling 365 devotional book. I always use the $1 pens from Target, I always have a few Mini-Look books from Noonday along, my Burt's Bees tinted lip balm and a highlighter.

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My notebook (from Target dollar section) I keep in there for thoughts that I need to get out and for notes on Sunday morning. I bought the Jesus Calling for Kids devotional book a couple of years ago for the boys and fell in love with it. Even the kid's version has such deep, meaningful messages but are simple enough for kids. The adult version is no different, it is so touching and easy to relate to, it always meets me where I am during the day.

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My most favorite piece in my bag is my Humbled Hearts Daybook. It has been such a good inspiration to get me back into a routine and dedicated to my daily quiet time. I am on my second book and am looking at getting a bunch of them as Christmas gifts! There is a section for friends and family and their requests - what I've done is chosen a character trait for my kids and husband and pray that for them daily for a month. My friends and extended family I have messaged and asked for something that I can pray for a month for them for.

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There is also a section for Struggles and Fear, Forgiveness, Goals and Dreams, Intentional Living, Joy Stealers and Don't Give Up. I love looking at this page in the very beginning of the month and then again at the end of the month (and anytime in between) just to recap everything and remind myself. There is also a page for Greatfulness, a couple of pages for "On My Heart" (I always fill those with written prayers and scriptures that really touch me where I'm at) and Daily Prayer Needs for Myself. I always fill one in per day and focus on a trait or something that I have strongly been fighting in the morning and pray as I fill in the blank. There are enough of these for one each day.

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And last but not least, my ESV Bible. I asked for it last year for Christmas and my mother-in-law was ecstatic to check it off of my list! I am COMPLETELY in love with it. So much. Shelby is sharing such a neat idea of how to use it on her blog today. I use mine a little differently (I am not as artistic with pen and paper as she is and I use mine in a little more reserved way). I love to fill in the margins with simple notes, highlights, dates and thoughts that I have when I do my quiet times. My mom was always one to make notes in her margins and record special times, thoughts and prayers and I love that they are now making Bibles that are specially MADE for that!!!

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How do you use your Journaling Bible? What's in your Bible bag?



  1. Oh, Kayla, I love this post! Your Bible bag is so organized, and may I just say that every book you have in there is beautifully color coordinated (so lovely!!). You are inspiring. This makes me want to put together my own Bible bag, and I think it would help me become a bit better about doing my Bible time every day. Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Thank you, Bethany! I'm flattered! <3 Haha! They do coordinate well, how funny. :) I would definitely encourage you to get one. I know they are expensive, but they are priceless tools for furthering our faith in ways maybe not tapped into yet. :) I'd love to know if you end up getting one. I have a couple more posts about Bible journaling if you're interested, http://theaccidentalnomadlife.com/index.php/2016/03/15/journaling-bible-ideas-and-resources/ or this one, http://theaccidentalnomadlife.com/index.php/2016/04/23/bible-journaling-class/