In the Shop: Christmas Notecards

Hi friends!

It's been quite some time since I last shared what I've got brewing in the Creative Jayne shop. Last week I published a few little notecards to print for Christmas time. I know it seems early but I always seem to be late on the Christmas card train and never end up actually getting them mailed out. So I started thinking about it and figured, hey, I may not be the only one!

The cards are just 4x6 digital downloads so you can print them yourself. They can be used as holiday greeting cards or even super cute little gift tags. I also have them discounted for sale as a set:

set of 10 christmas cards by the creative jayne

Each piece has been hand-drawn by myself! Some of the text is even my own handwriting. I'm not great at calligraphy (yet) but I like my sketchy-messy scrawlings enough.

Head over to the Creative Jayne Shop to see all of them up close!

What about you? What do you have brewing for family greeting cards or Christmas gift tags?