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Wear-it-Wednesday-with-Shelby-and-KaylaBoy are you in for a treat today! Shelby and I are BOTH doing the Chambray today - cha cha cha! It just sounds like it should be a dance, doesn't it? My chambray top kind of makes me do a happy dance whenever I put it on...It's SO easy to wear and I'm going to share a few ways with you today:


Like I mentioned above, I am IN LOVE with my chambray top. I kept seeing it pop up all spring and I really like the look of the long-sleeved ones but being pretty busty I just haven't found one that's very good on me. Until now. This was the score of the season for me because of how versatile it has been. I can wear it dressy or casual and apparently I really like it with my snakeskin flats from Target! If you're interested in getting fun, unique items like this try out Stitch Fix, request Shelby Clarke as your personal stylist and mention this post in your little notes section!

This first combo is a really fun springy or fallish look with the pieces that I added to it:

wear it wednesday | how i chambray | the creative jayne

Wearing it with my Rock Revival jeans, an olive colored wide-strap tank top and my snakeskin shoes I dollied it up with some fabulous Noonday pieces of course! The Kampala Necklace (on sale right now - WHAT WHAAAAT?!) adds such nice color to coordinate with my green tank and I made a little arm party of the Entwined bracelet, the Metric Cuff Bracelet and the Sofiya Wrap Bracelet paired with the Metallic Pearl Earrings.

wear it wednesday | how i chambray | the creative jayne

This next look is a favorite of mine! ^ Paired with a flowy burgundy tank top (with my black nursing tank underneath), my black skinnies rolled up a couple of cuffs and my same snakeskin flats that I love from Target. The jewels that I chose to go with it are the Helena Necklace, the Glimmer Bracelet and the Diamond Drop Earrings - I kept the whole look simple, clean cut and classy! It's easy to wear to church, a graduation or to my parent's for lunch on the deck.

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_16

This one you got to see a couple of weeks ago already so I won't repeat what I've already said, you can just go check the whole post out here!

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_24

I've got a couple of simple t-shirt outfits to go with the Chambray Vest of mine now:

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_26

This one I paired with the Toucan Necklace (sold out), the Gold Cubed Studs and the Voyager Cuff. Simple, glamorous, easy - I just like it!

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_34

Here we have the Adrift Necklace, the Diamond Drop Earrings and an arm party consisting of the Glimmer Bracelet, the Metric Cuff Bracelet and the Clustered Bracelet in Berry.

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_40

This is another one of my favorites! This shirt just gets me for some reason. I love it. I paired it with my Velocity Necklace, Metallic Pearls Earrings and the Linked Horn Bracelet. I love simple combinations like this that make big statements. Throw on a comfy pair of jeans and your best casual sandals and you've got yourself a complete look.

And there you have it. Dress it up, dress it down, it's a champ. Definitely a wardrobe win for this spring/summer/fall!!! Head over to Shelby's blog to see more Chambray ideas, she is a phenomenal stylist, I just LOVE comparing our blogs and learning from our differences!

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