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Welcome back to Wear it Wednesday! In the spirit of the summer and a favorite past-time here in Wisco I wanted to share how to take Noonday Camping! Shelby is going on an amazing trip soon and she is sharing how she is packing efficiently on her blog today. 


So, taking Noonday camping, it really could not be any easier - they make all of the most fantastic pieces and BAGS!!!


First off, let's talk clothing. Once you have a good base for clothes you can add in the rest of the goodies. Here's what I pack:

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_1

We'll pretend we are camping for three days. When you are camping you have to be prepared for dirty, wet and whatever else nature can throw at you. We camp in a tent so we've really got to be prepared!

Onward! I have two pairs of comfy shorts that I will end up re-wearing at least one time. I have three t-shirts that are comfy, stylish but easy to wear outside in the sun, sand and on the lake. The shirts that I have all come from amazing companies with amazing missions: the Garment Collective - an ethically sourced clothing company; Ekubo Ministries - a ministry that works with children in Euganda; and Hello Grace Blog - she has meaning behind the clothing she designs.

Then I have three tank tops - I have mentioned before that I like to layer so I'll wear the tanks under my shirts. If it gets a lot warmer I'll wear them under my chambray vest. I made sure to add a nice light sweater for the mornings and a sweatshirt for the night along with my sweatpants. You'll obviously need to add in a couple pairs of socks and underwear but I figured you didn't want to see my undies. ;)

And jewelry? No problem:

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_4

I don't bring a lot. Obviously when you're out playing it's tough to wear a lot of stuff and particularly for me, necklaces. So I don't bring any. I stick to bracelets and simple earrings. Noonday has such a nice variety of both.

What I have packed in my Tasseled Jewelry Roll is the Diamond Drop Earrings, the Cubed Stud Earrings in gold, the Clustered Bracelet in Berry, the Voyager Cuff Bracelet, the Metric Cuff Bracelet and the Tagua Seed Bracelet in Turquoise.

What do you pack all of this in you ask? Well, Noonday has that covered too:

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_2


Say hello to the Chevron Block Print Bag! It's one of my absolute FAVORITES although Noonday has a PILE of amazing bags. I am always pleasantly surprised by how big they all are! But yes, I did fit everything in here!

wear it wednesday with the creative jayne_3

I was silly and didn't take a photo, but yes, it zips nicely with everything inside! You can also pack your personal items in something like the Tereza Clutch, it also is surprisingly large and the perfect little throw-in bag!

Since my husband always packs in a massive man-bag I will be adding my towel and tennis shoes to his bag. I don't bring a lot of personal things besides deoderant, toothpaste and toothbrush. I don't brush my hair (nope, I NEVER have knots. EVER. I'm sorry. Buuuuuut not really.) And going for three days I probably won't even bring shower stuff - you just shower right before you leave and as soon as we get home. Bring sunscreen and bug spray for sure though!

So, like I mentioned earlier, head over to Shelby's blog to check out her post about overseas packing!



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