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Oh my gosh you guys, I am so COMPLETELY excited about today's post! As you may know I joined NOONDAY as an ambassador in April. I began taking photos of myself when I wore my pieces out and about and had the idea to do some photos of complete outfits like you see coming from POLYVORE. I then had the idea to connect with my sweet friend Shelby over at Adventurous Shelby since she is a Stitch Fix stylist and do some coordinating posts!

We will be posting weekly on Wednesdays (as you clearly gathered from our little logo) with different outfit ideas, tips and fashion sense! Our very first post is introducing us to you. I am interviewing Shelby here about what makes her style unique and introduces you to who she is as a stylist overall (if you'd like to read about myself I am interviewed over on Shelby's blog today!), enjoy!

What inspires you? 

Nature & Creation inspires me hands down, it inspires me that there are no limits to colors, styles or how to wear things. I have always loved the image of God as Creator, knowing that he is creative and created us, our imaginations and the things in nature shows me how amazing He is and that the opportunities are limitless. 

Why are you a stylist?

When I found out that I was invited to interview with Stitch Fix, I asked myself "why do I want this job?", besides the fact that I was desperate for a job, I want to help women feel as beautiful as God has created them. And I try to write notes to my clients on how to be beautiful in their Fixes and give them valuable style tips to help them be confident in trying new things!

wear it wednesday // an interview with stitch fix stylist shelby // by the creative jayne

How does fashion/style influence you?Fashion + Style have taught me to be more open minded, with how I dress myself and how I can be inspired by how others dress. My people watching skills have gone up exponentially, it is really hard for me not to stop people and ask why they chose to wear what they are wearing, out of pure curiosity as well as not take notes for ideas to use later in my own styling and other’s Fixes

What is your go to jewelry combination?For everyday casual wear, it’s stud earrings, a simple bracelet, usually my Pandora from my dad that everyone in my family has contributed to, or my 31 Bits paper bead bracelet, and it’s necklaces is usually where I get creative. I have a multi layer beaded necklace that I love to add to simple tops that need a pop of color and texture! I also love adding a simple silver ball choker for tops with a lot of pattern but that need a little something to finish the look.

What is your favorite everyday look? My typical everyday looks have changed a lot over the past few years, I worked in a very casual Baylor University office in Texas, and was mistaken as a student more than I can recall. In Colorado I worked at a vet office and then as a country fair coordinator so I wore scrubs and then more western attire. When I wasn’t working I was in my toughest jeans, hiking boots, and REI sun-blocking tops while hiking nearby mountains.(Not very stylish but way more comfortable and perfect for varying temps and conditions) Now, I typically work from home and some times stay in my pjs until noon but if I get dressed to go work at say Starbucks or I run errands or have coffee with friends. I am a jeans girl, dresses for special occasions. So my casual everyday out of the house look is my favorite skinny jeans with a straight fit tank or tee with sandals or toms. Finishing the look with my go to jewelry, or being brave and trying something new. Which I think I will be doing a lot more in the near future!

wear it wednesday // an interview with stitch fix stylist shelby // by the creative jayne

How does your lifestyle influence your fashion sense?Since my lifestyle is very casual, I am pretty casual. I like color, texture and unique hemlines. I love fit & flare dresses, they speak to the preppy side of me, this one from Stitch Fix was my go to this last December when I participated in Dressember. I also dress with travel in mind, we (husband and I) love to get out, so I try to plan my sense of style around our next big adventure, we live a few hours from the Bay but the weather is vastly different from where we live in the valley. We have been to Israel & Greece in the past, styling for adventure is near and dear to my heart! I will be traveling to Texas later this summer and I just got a new Fix full of summer and travel ready pieces!

wear it wednesday // an interview with stitch fix stylist shelby // by the creative jayne

(Israel 2011)

wear it wednesday // an interview with stitch fix stylist shelby // by the creative jayne

(Greece 2012)

wear it wednesday // an interview with stitch fix stylist shelby // by the creative jayne

(First time to the Golden Gate Bridge December 1, 2014)

What feature about yourself most influences what you wear and how you wear it? 
I have a straight body shape with little definition of a waist and a small bust, so I try to wear things that give myself more of a figure. I like straight fitting tops or empire waist lines, and I am not afraid to add a belt for a more defined look.

wear it wednesday // an interview with stitch fix stylist shelby // by the creative jayne

What are your top 5 favorite pieces to style with?
1) Skinny jeans: For years I was not a part of the skinny jeans fan club, then I got an amazing pair that makes me look and feel really sexy so they are a staple
2) Chambray top: I love the versatility of chambray, add to a pencil skirt with leopard flats a long layering necklace and a cuff for a fab look, or add to colored denim and wedges!
3) Maxi Dress: so one of my favorite looks each spring is my navy and white maxi with my chambray over it and tied and tucked like a crop top, add sandals to channel the cool bay breeze!
4) Simple Striped tee: works with professional wear just add a blazer or for casual wear, plus I am a believer in stripes looking great on everybody type
5) scarf: you can do anything with a scarf, use as a sarong or tie it and use as a loose kimono style vest/cover up. If I am traveling I always have a scarf, perfect layer for the airplane or to help keep you dry and warm as I recently learned at a Giants game. My yellow and white stripe infinity has been with me from Israel to Greece and road trips across the US. Not including the many I have bought along those trips as well!

What pieces do you think flatter everyone no matter what?
Mid rise Bootcut jeans, they flatter any body shape and really help balance curvy girls. They are great for flats, sandals and of course boots :)

What is your go-to, NEVER fail you brand?
This is really hard for me, before my job at Stitch Fix I was not very stylish personally, I shopped Target and thrift stores like a boss, and still do. My go-to never fails me brand would have to be Old Navy. If you are looking to try on trend items without too much commitment, then Old Navy. But if you try it and LOVE it spend the extra money and get a great piece from (shameless plug) Stitch Fix  Anthropologie, J Crew or Kut from the Kloth. Also nice jewelry, especially Noonday Collection  which helps provide jobs to women and men all over the world and you get great pieces. These help improve the overall look you are going for, so make sure you splurge on items that will accentuate your overall wardrobe.

Well, isn't she just fun?! I can't wait to learn more about her and get some great style tips from her along the way. Stay tuned for so much more, be sure to check both our blogs on Wednesdays for amazing posts about style! If you are interested in getting your own Stitch Fix, click the link and get yourself set up! If you are interested in making an investment to support amazing women around the globe shop Noonday Collection. They have some amazing sales going on right now, including these pieces for 30% off:


Check back next week to learn more!

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