Woodland Creature Mobile DIY

I've been wanting to make Elliot a mobile for quite a while now. I made one for Parker and just loved it. I was inspired by a post that I saw somewhere and an idea popped into my head!

I had gotten these CUTE little woodland creatures from Target at Christmas time. They were just the PERFECT little pieces to go with my nursery theme. For the longest time I've just had them hanging on a branch that I brought in the house and hubby didn't like it very much. Get ready for one of THE most simple tutorials you will ever come across:

the Creative Jayne woodland creature mobile

It's that easy. Gather your supplies, I used an embroidery hoop, my little woodland creatures, some jute that I got out of the dollar spot at Target, a length of rope and some hot glue. The hot glue isn't even necessary but I wanted to secure things a little more.

Start out by cutting three lengths of jute however long you'd like it to hang down - I did 12 inches. Tie them together at the tops and either tie them in place on your hoop or glue them. I used just the outside piece of hoop but you can use the whole thing or just a part of it.

Start wrapping your main color around your hoop. I hot glued mine in place to begin with and just wrapped the whole thing around. When you've made it all the way, hot glue to secure in place or tie, whichever you're more comfortable with.

Add your little creatures and you're done. Seriously. It's that easy. I didn't even finish a full episode of House before I finished.

Didn't it turn out fun?!

the creative jayne woodland creatures mobile tutorial

You could add whatever kind of creatures you'd want to and customize this all sorts of ways. I finished mine off by adding the length of rope around the bottom of the hoop just to add some interest on the top. I love how it turned out and so does Elliot!

Will you try making this mobile? What kind of a mobile have you tried before?

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