New Direction for the Creative Jayne

I took a slight hiatus here after my posts ran out from before I had Elliot. I've wanted to work on finding a solid direction for the Creative Jayne before I continued to post just a hodgepodge of different things. So, I'm back with an all new direction.

New Direction for the Creative Jayne

When the Creative Jayne began I learned a lot about myself and where my identity was through the 31 day writing challenge. It was a fantastic time of self-discovery and reconnecting to my Jesus. After that though, my relationship with Jesus continued to thrive but the Creative Jayne began to falter since the basis for it was a mission of re-finding me. I've gone back and forth since then wondering what my direction and what the direction of the Creative Jayne should be.

I have been dissatisfied with my posts in the meantime because they were just taking up space. I want the Creative Jayne to be a place that you come to be encouraged, where you come for substance and depth as well as ideas and  resources that are useful and intentional. I want it to be a place to connect at and develop relationship.

As I have contemplated the direction and quietly requested Jesus to show me what to do other opportunities have opened up for me. I connected with a couple of ladies at church and offered to begin a mom's group as well as help out with other parts of the women's ministry. I also hosted a Noonday Trunk show and have just been really impacted through seeing what they do!

I decided that I want the Creative Jayne to:

1. Speak to mom hearts - this may not mean what you think it does. There are a lot of blogs out there that cater to being a mom. They have all of the wonderful mom ideas, what to do with your kids, how to be a mom, any and every advice for being a mom and having kids. What I want to do is speak to your heart less as a mom but more as a woman with children. I want to encourage the mom as a woman. It is so easy for us as moms to be "just the mom" but we are so much more than that and can still be amazing moms. That's what I want to do. Encourage you where you are. Tell you it's ok to still be a woman while being a mom. Being a mom is just part of your womanhood journey. More on that to come later.

2. Share simple and lovely DIY's - I love doing craft projects, I love using my hands and creating but with kiddos running around there just isn't a lot that I can do easily. I want to share projects that I can do on my own that are so quick and simple my kids don't realize I'm doing a project. At the same time, I want my DIY's to be lovely. Pieces that don't just clutter your home but add to your home. Help you as a mom, a woman, a wife.

3. Impact and encourage you - I want every post that I share to have deep substance. I don't want to live on the surface but go deep and leave you refreshed when you go.

4. Share design tips - I don't want to leave my roots of design EVER. Since I have such VAST (haha) knowledge in design I want to be able to share with you what I have learned. I came from a meager beginning as most of us do and really learned to work with what I had available. I moved on to working on a tight, tight budget. I want to share that with you so you might learn from my victories, successes and failures.

and last but ABSOLUTELY not least,

5. Open your eyes to more and more fair trade and missions oriented businesses! I LOVE that there are people and companies out there like my affiliate, the Root Collective that support people of other nations and countries. I love that there is a way for me to help impact people in other parts of the world while being grounded to the US during this season of my life. I want to share more of those things with you so that you too might be able to help impact another's life in a far off place.

I am looking forward to continuing on with purpose, intention and direction. I hope you will stick around and share in the joy of fellowship and community here at the Creative Jayne!

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