Introducing the Creative Jayne Apparel and Accessories Shop

I am so excited to be announcing a shop where you can purchase my designs on clothing items as well as coffee mugs and bags! I am even more excited to share that I can use these items to help support different missions (Gospel Joy being one of them) and I would love to help support adoptions with customized designs!

the Creative Jayne apparel and accessories shop

Here is a peak at what I have available:

the creative jayne apparel and accessories

Each piece reflects a piece of the scripture in one way or another. Many of them also contain some of my own artwork.

the creative jayne apparel and accessories2

My coffee and Jesus line. I am so very excited about this line! There are so many items available out there that mention something about coffee and how much we need coffee and I was really feeling convicted about how much more we need Jesus. I came across the verse, Psalm 16:5 "Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup; you make my lot secure." I just loved how it mentioned our God as MY cup. I thought it needed to be connected in design somehow. The mug is gold foil text so when you get it it will sparkle to you in reminder of how much we need Jesus as well as our coffee. (UPDATE: for those of you that looked earlier, you saw that they said "Coffee and Jesus" I redid them because as I was browsing Instagram this evening I noticed a shop that I follow had the same phrasing. I didn't want it to be that I was ripping them off or copying their idea so I went ahead and adjusted my own design so that it would be my own. What do you think of it?)

the creative jayne apparel and accessories3These next pieces are also based on scriptures but also they are just kind of fun and trendy. Some of my clothing items are women's and some is unisex but I have stuck with the "flowy" pieces because personally I don't like the fitted women's pieces.

the creative jayne gospel joy support pieces

I also have a line of pieces that are going to support the Gospel Joy Mission. I think that I have mentioned GJM before but it is a mission that is dear to my heart partly because the founders are from my growing up church family but also just because of what they do. They have founded an orphanage in Kenya and are working so hard with these children to bring them the word of God and the love of Christ. They have a couple of different ways to support them and I loved the idea of making some designs that would reflect that. So all of the purchases of these pieces go to support their different programs!

Another idea that came to mind as I was working on the designs for the above pieces was that I can design custom pieces to help support those in the adoption process. If you are adopting and need some help to raise support, please email me. I would love to design a few pieces for you and give the proceeds to help you!

Which one will you purchase? Which is your favorite design?
<3 Kayla


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