My Top 7 Encouraging Ladies

It's always so fun to follow people on Instagram and Facebook and whatever other social media there is. Inspiration is such an important part of life and we feed off of one another. Sometimes it's good inspiration, sometimes it is not. Most of the ladies that I have been inspired by the most lately I don't know personally. They are ones that I follow on Instagram and their beautiful words of Faith and God's glory bring me to my knees in wonder of Him.

the Creative Jayne inspiring ladies

Natalie of - I just love all of her thrifty, crafty ideas and her heart for her husband. She has great date ideas and has such a heart to serve Christ.

Bailey of - Bailey inspires me so much by her heart for Christ. She is working really hard to walk in His way and do everything with a purpose. She inspires me so much by how hard she works to accomplish her goals!

Ruth of - All of her posts are so Christ saturated, you can't help but walk away refreshed. Her artwork reflects him and his creativity so well.

Bree of and the Garment Collective - This girl. She blows my mind. She has made it through losing a child so graciously and gracefully. The way that she has leaned on the arms of Christ through the whole ordeal and even developed a company in honor of her son, I love how courageous she is. PLEASE - " target="_blank">take a look at her story and if it moves you, give to her developing company, the Garment Collective - it's a fair trade business creating clothing that Bree designs!

Shelby of Adventurous Shelby - Shelby inspires me so much through all she does. She definitely lives up to her blog name: Adventurous! I love seeing her fearlessness to tackle new things and stick her neck out to try something she may be afraid of!

Kenna - I've talked about how much this girl inspires me before, take a look.

and finally Kathy of - My mom. She inspires me in every area of life. I can't put words to how much she inspires me. Just go see her heart on her blog. She is beautiful all around.<3

the Creative Jayne inspiring ladies2

Who inspires you? I'd love to hear about them and check out their blogs!

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  1. Thank you Kayla, for all you do for me with photography, graphics and encouragement. You honor me, and more wonderful, you honor our Lord. You truly are a treasure to me. God's precious gift, daughter. <3

    I love you so much!