How to Put Together a Functional Family Binder |Part 5/Conclusion|

Wow, we made it through a lot. Thanks so much for sticking with me as we went through this little journey together. I hope it has benefited you as much as it has benefited us!

the creative jayne functional family binder conclusion 2

Today I want to talk about assembly and where to keep your binder. You hopefully have had a chance to pick up a binder that you love and maybe some page protectors, page dividers and or a folder after we chatted about that last Monday. Now we assemble everything.

I had just plain white page dividers and I fancied them up with some pretty washi tape:

the creative jayne functional family binder conclusion

So then I made my sections with my family info, addresses, titles, certificates and socials and my menus/lists. I had a previous inferior binder idea that we were trying to use before and most of it was in there so it made it super easy to transfer everything over. I also made a section with a page protector to house some gift cards that we got for Christmas.

I printed all of my pages, kind of a slow process because I did everything double sided and I had to go through and make sure my amount of weeks lined up with the right months but I got er done! No, I don't have a fancy printer, I used my ooky, cheapo, makes-me-pull-my-hair-out HP printer. I'd really like to get a nice one but budget has not allowed as of yet. Maybe soon though. :)

Then comes deciding where to keep it. It has to go somewhere that is accessible but only to us adults. I like to leave mine open on the kitchen counter or table actually. There is enough room there to leave the weekly spread open and then my husband and I can both glance at it in the morning. When we have guests over however I keep it under our little coffee nook along with our file pile. (remember when I said we don't file until tax time? I wasn't kidding.)

If you like what I did for ours, you can head over to my Etsy shop and download the printable for only $5. It has every month, dated and enough weekly pages for the entire year! And hey, if you spread the word around, maybe I will make enough to buy myself that new printer! JOKES! ;)

Anyways, thanks so much for riding along with me. I would love to know how your journey went and how things are going for you. Are you using my printables or have you found something else that you dearly love and works well for you and your family?!

<3 Kayla

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