Fair Trade, Artisan Products and Supportive Shops |an interview|

Greetings! I am so very excited to share today's post with you. Have you found Instagram to be packed full of opportunity?! I sure have. I have found so many unique opportunities as well as people and companies to connect with. First, let me mention my affiliate, The Root Collective since I haven't shared about them in a while. They are one of the very first that opened my eyes to Fair Trade and Artisan products. I am so thankful to have found them.

What are Fair Trade and Artisan Products? Well, Fair Trade products are food or crafts that are produced under standards designed to end and prevent the poverty, sweatshop labor conditions, environmental degradation, etc that are endemic to the freetrade “race to the bottom” that puts profits above people and the planet. And an artisan (from French: artisan, Italian: artigiano) is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative. When I use it in this article though, it is referring to the talented men and women like Otto and like Judith.

Today though, I want to share with you another special company that I stumbled upon on Instagram. She is working to get her Fair Trade business off the ground and I had the privilege of interviewing her so you get an inside scoop as to what her business is all about and what her vision is for it! Without further ado, may I present to you the Purpose Box - a bi-monthly subscription box filled with purchase with purpose items!

Purpose Box


  • Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

I'm Jolie Gray, married to my high school sweetheart for almost nine years, and mama to Hays, 4. I'm a teacher-turned work-from-home-mom. I am a marketing and social media manager for a few small businesses in our area. We live in south-central Texas and love every minute of it! 

  • What is Purpose Box and where did the dream spring from?

In July, I realized how much I love mail subscription boxes and purchasing items that support a purpose. I decided to marry the two ideas and Purpose Box was born. Purpose Box is a bi-monthly subscription box (you'll get six boxes a year) filled with purchase with purpose items. Each box will also support it's own purpose; the inaugural shipment will be supporting the Otts family in Austin as they get ready to welcome home an infant via domestic adoption.

  • Right now, what kinds of purchase with purpose items/organizations are you connected with?

I have organizations supporting adoptions, NICUs, children's wards in hospitals, schools and education in various capacities, various places working to create a fair wage for people around the globe, suicide awareness, cancer research and awareness, and several more.

  • What kinds of items can we expect to find in the Purpose Box on a regular basis?

We have a wide variety of items lined up--some are edible, some are consumables and paper products, some are jewelry, some are home decor, some bath and body products--we're trying to keep a variety going so the boxes don't get redundant. 

  • What is your ultimate goal/dream for Purpose Box?

My main goal is to share the stories behind the purposes. I would love for shopping with a purchase to be on more people's radars.

  • How can people get a purpose box?

Ordering will be live soon on our website (www.mypurposebox.com).

  • What is the most important thing to you that people would know about Purpose Box?

I am not making a profit. All proceeds from the boxes support a purpose.

  • How much will the Purpose Box cost?

They will be $40, and that includes shipping.

  • What if I have an organization that I want supported?

Please shoot me an email (purposebox@gmail.com) to see what we can work out!

  • How do you choose the mission of support for each box?

The current shipment will support a friend of a friend who I have shopped with before founding Purpose Box. I have some other families who have "applied" to be our purpose as well. If you have a purpose you would like to have considered, please email me.

  • Is there anything else you want people to know about Purpose Box?

I am so excited to get this going. God was a stirring in my heart before the idea even materialized, and I think it can be a great thing for many people and organizations as He unfolds the rest of the journey.

the creative jayne / purpose box interview

Personally, I am so looking forward to her first Box coming out. I can't wait. I signed up for her announcement and newsletter. She is just sweet, has a giving heart and is so easy to connect with if you want to know more or want to get involved in some way. What kinds of things do you look for when looking for fair trade or artisan products? What else do you want to know about Purpose Box?

<3 Happy Wednesday Friend!



  1. So excited about purpose box!! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thanks so much, Kayla! Sharing again today!

  4. You are so welcome! I've been so glad to see that your first box is doing so well! I will have to try for your next box. :) thanks for sharing! <3