How to put together functional family binder |part 3|

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If you're still with me, congratulations! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the way to functioning in an organized way. (I'm just assuming you're enjoying it since yo're still here - and I'm SO happy to have you with!) TODAY we are going to chat about the ever looming BUDGET. I'm not going to share with you a way to DO a budget because I'm not sure that our method is a great "method" per-se BUT I will share with you the way I added it into our family binder.

This is the sheet that I created to add in opposite our calendar page:

the creative jayne family planner budget sheet

I wanted a place to write EVERYTHING down for the month so that I could see all of it. My husband does all of the money tending which is fabulous and I just wanted to make sure that I could be on the same page to know what I could possibly have to spend... ;) And so I don't have a heart-attack when I buy groceries over $100...Yea, we have lived that tightly - paycheck to paycheck. All of you that feel me join in saying "Praise God for his complete and total reliability and provision!!!"

We are also using a folder for our bills. Neither Andrew or myself are the get it done and file it RIGHT NOW kind of people. We have a tendency to stack everything and file it at the end of the year when we have to go through it for taxes. So. He decided that what he wants is just a double pocket folder like this:

the Creative Jayne // creating a functional family binder \ part 3

to store all of the bills in. We MAYBE get 3 bills in the mail, everything else is paperless so it's not going to get very thick.

The other thing I wanted to be sure to add into our binder was a spot for chores. My daily, weekly and monthly tasks and somewhere, a spot that Andrew could jot down his thoughts as well. Here is the weekly spread that I made to use for us:

the creative jayne family planner weekly spread

Andrew really seems to like it. We've only been using this planner for a week or so, maybe two but it's working better for us than anything else has in the past.

How is your process going? Are you using the printables that I created, are they working well for you? Are there other planners and organizers that you have found that you just love? I'd love to learn what works for you and your family!!!

Thanks friend! Until tomorrow,
<3 Kayla

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