How to put together a functional family binder |part 2|

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Hey! Glad you're back! I hope that means that you got all pumped up yesterday to make your binder functional and are all ready for our next step. I mentioned yesterday that we are going to talk about calendars today. Yea, you can be wondering how on earth could I fill a whole post about calendars but in reality there's a lot to look at with a good calendar. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want JUST a calendar?

  • Do I want a calendar AND a planner

  • Do I want the calendar to be over 2 pages?

  • Or do I want it to be one one page?

  • Do I want to have to turn my binder to look at my calendar?

  • Do I want a pre-printed month or do I want to fill it in myself?

  • Do I want other things on the page with my calendar?

  • How much do I need to write on each calendar day?

From there we will look at finding you just the right one. You can go to a few different places to find a calendar to print:

For us, I wanted just a single calendar page to glance at with a spot for some notes, goals and a couple of other things for our family because we need weekly planner pages to break everything up.

Here is how I did our calendar pages:

the creative jayne family planner calendar pages the creative jayne family planner calendar pages2

What does you family need for a calendar? Are you the slick gal that just needs a year at a glance or are you a full-blown organizer that needs the 2 page spread to fit it all in? Either way, if it works for you and your family - that's what counts!!!

Hope you are enjoying this and it's not feeling too slow. It was a long process for me to figure out exactly what we wanted and I searched through a lot of planners and budgets and family binders before I finally settled on the design for our own. You can head over to my Pinterest board, home // budgeting and check out what inspired our binder design.

Come back tomorrow for the all exciting part about BUDGETING!!! If you didn't yesterday or you are new to the series, welcome, I'm glad to have you, be sure to sign up by email to ensure that you don't miss any part of this exciting series!!!!!

As always, thanks friend, hope you have a blessed day.
<3 Kayla

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