The Goals and Dreams of Jayne

So, you may have noticed (I hope) that I skipped yesterday. It was half intentional, half not. I was unsure whether or not I was going to post (work) on Sunday and I looked for an opportunity, but because Sundays tend to be family days for us the opportunity just didn't arise and I decided from here on out I will not be posting on Sundays. I may make a link-up post to link to other's Sunday Rest photos but beyond that there will not be a formal post on Sundays.

But, as far as today goes, I am glad you are back with me, or if you are new, welcome! I could not be more excited to be sharing this journey with all of my readers. I wanted to take time to share the goals and dreams that I have for the Creative Jayne today. It's taken me a little while to get down to business here. I wasn't sure how I was going to format this post since it's just kind of a list and then I was thinking I'd add some Pinterest pin photos on but none of the ones I chose had an original link and I just decided against that. So, here we are.

First and foremost, and I hope this has already begun to shine through, I want to honor and bring glory to God with my work and portray Him through it. I have a personal relationship with him and he is such an artist. I am so thankful that he put that inside of me. A tangible piece of his reflection in me and I have not cherished that more than I have as I sit and type that. What a beautiful thing, a perfect gift.

working for the lord

Secondly, I really want to produce quality products. Not just in the work that I do for my clients, that is HUGE but I want to produce things for myself, things to sell and share with people and I want everything I produce to show high value in the eyes of Christ and be useful and enhancing to people's lives. I am in the process of putting a few things together:

2014-09-24 10.55.30

My messy space. It's just never tidy. I'd like to be able to take good, staged photos of my products but for now this will have to do. I am also working on plans for some canvas bags, mugs and a blog planner book...Stay tuned.

Next, I would really like an office. I don't care if it's an office in my home or outside of our home, I just want a space just for me. One that is comfortable enough to have clients in and that I can lay everything out without being stuck in a corner. Here is my corner for now:

2014-09-24 14.12.34

It's cute and I'm so thankful to have a little bit of space, but it would be nice to eventually be able to get away from soggy toddler fingers on my keyboard and toys under my chair and in the drawers...Oh the day...Haha, laugh with me other work at home mom-trepreneurs!

Fourthly I really have a desire to begin a monthly bundle. What this consists of at this point I am not positive, I am gaining inspiration from people like Emily from Jones Design Company, and another one that I follow on Instagram that is not coming to mind. HOWEVER. While their bundles are fantastic and so much fun, beyond not wanting to copy them, I have not found them beneficial for myself. I'm not the kind of print off a menu planner and stick to it, my family is an eat-what-ever-is-in-the-cupboard-and-fits-mom's-making-mood-today family. I also don't like having to print off a schedule for everyday. It ends up being a lot of wasted ink and I lose everything really fast not to mention it fills up my computer space. So, personally, they don't work for me. I want something that is just going to boost daily quality, daily refreshment. My current brainwave on this issue is to colaborate with several other artist friends (yep, Kenna included!!!) and make a monthly Scripture or Encouragement club. So far I am thinking it would consist of a print of song lyrics (Kenna's thing), a set of verse cards that would coordinate with a 4-week study along with a monthly prayer guide and a set of note cards all coordinating on one theme for the month...But, as of now it is just words in my brainwave journal. Yea, I dazed off for a minute following my brainwave, just typing this got me thinking even more but I won't spill all the beans now. It's just a work in process.

And last but not least, I am a party planner, I love it. I am NOT an event coordinator, that's not what I do, I just love hosting parties, planning and throwing them. So, it would make sense that one of my long-time dreams has been to put together a conference. I want to put something together for local artists. This would consist of anyone in any kind of "art". Thinking mainly like designers, painters, illustrators, writers, bloggers and such but I would not restrict it unless I had to. But a place to come together, learn from one another, meet and greet others in our same fields that maybe live down the road from us without even knowing. It would include meals, sessions, swag bags, worship and messages...Eventually. I am going to work towards something like this. I don't have the drive right now to focus on this so I believe that it will come in my future and right now I am patiently waiting and just getting my foundation set.

I hope this is encouraging you in whatever it is that you are doing. It's really helped me to clarify things for myself and get thoughts out that I wouldn't have otherwise. Thank you so much for joining me on my journey. I am looking forward to seeing my Heavenly Father fulfill my dreams as I continue to pursue Him and do my work for his honor and glory.

What are your goals and dreams for what you do?

Happy Monday friend!
<3 Kayla

p.s. I can't quite figure out the best way to do my photos, are they too big, too small? Give me your opinion, I'm looking for input here! Thanks!!!  <3


  1. My dream is for my business to be not only sufficient but successful, as well as my blog. And your photos look great on my computer and iPad!

  2. That's awesome! We have such similar missions right now!
    Thank you so much for your input, do the big photos seem better or is it easier if I do them smaller?