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I LOVE Instagram. As a designer, I tend to be a very visual person. I glean from what I see. I am not on Facebook (gasp! I know it, RIGHT?!) I just don't like the politics of it, show me people's photos, their work and I'm happy. That's what I like so much about Instagram. That and you can channel your feed so well. I have gained so much from watching different ladies on there and subscribing to some of their blogs and I wanted to share them with you. They have NO idea that I am doing this although I may tag them in my post on IG today but I just think they are such neat, solid, inspiring ladies of Jesus that I HAVE to share them with you.

(Please note that if you are one of the ladies that I featured and you would rather have your photograph taken off, PLEASE just message or email me, I will gladly remove your photo if you are not comfortable with me sharing it. Thank you!)

Please note that I am not taking any credit for ANY of these photos, they are just screen shots from my phone so you can see the girls in action. If you click the photos, they should each be linked to the lovely lady's Instagram feed so you can go and follow them.

Allie Ruth Katy Kristin PD Paper Co Life Made Lovely French Press Mornings Lindsay Letters Pursuit 31 Environments of Grace the Creative Porcupine Holly Joy Holt Emily Ley Jessa Connolly Nap Time Diaries Natalie Creates Design Roots Val Marie

Not all of these girls are designers, but my heart connects with what it is that they share which is inspiring in and of itself. This is for sure, not all of the girls that inspire me on Instagram, I just grabbed the ones that came up within the last or so that came up in my feed. Some of them I went through to find a good photo of why they inspire me.

One of my newest dreams is to be able to attend the Pursuit 31 Conference next year, you can check out the information on that here.

Natalie Creates, I would absolutely LOVE to head over to her place and help her pick produce from her garden, pick eggs from the chickens and help deliver her sweet baskets of goodness.

I am very excited that I get to conference with The Creative Porcupine for a half hour on Tuesday, check her out here!

So, like I said, this is not everyone that inspires me. I continue to find other girls that have a heart for Jesus and create beauty in some way or another. Check them all out, follow them and be inspired Friend!
Thanks for checking in today!
<3 Kayla

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