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My first shop post is going to be a little disappointing BECAUSE I have to begin today by saying, no, these are not in the shop just yet. I was going to just do some quick photos today of some that I just printed off of my printer with envelopes that are the wrong size, paper that is not right and colors that are just a bit off and I put it off and put it off and put it off and debated about even posting today but I just decided no, I need to post. (I hope my standards shows through my not wanting to use a sub-par piece.)

I really want to go about this the right way and save my money and begin production of my actual pieces when I am good, ready and fully prepared and not jump the gun and put myself in a hole to start out with. Part of the contentiousness that I mentioned yesterday. So, I will just give you a peak at what they look like...

the Creative Jayne // In the Shop \ Fall Notecards the Creative Jayne // In the Shop \ Fall Notecards the Creative Jayne // In the Shop \ Fall Notecards the Creative Jayne // In the Shop \ Fall Notecards


What do you think?

They are going to be printed on a heavy felt-weave paper, scored and folded to 5.25x5.25 with Kraft envelopes. I am thinking of adding a couple of possible options for envelopes but at this point for sure the Kraft envelopes. I do love my Kraft paper. <3 I am debating about selling them in bundles of 4 or 8, or even leaving them separate. So there is a lot that I need to work out before I finally get to producing them BUT soon.

the Creative Jayne // 5.25x5.25 Kraft Envelopes

(Aren't they lovely?!)

My goal is to have my Etsy shop stocked by December 1st, what stocked consists of at this point I am not sure but hopefully it will have a few blog planners, prayer planner/journals, devotional journals sets of note cards (obviously more geared for the holidays) and a few festive prints. I am looking forward to getting proofs of the planners and a current proof of the journals which I WILL do photos of if they turn out decently. I am very excited about them!

So, anywho...Sorry that my first post about my shop is just a teaser, but I hope you will stay tuned and find out just exactly the first day that I have my shop stocked! I will probably do a little special for any of you lovely blog-readers to use once I open! You can also follow me on Instagram for wonderful updates (most of which come after the blog post so you get a head start anyways!)

Thanks friend, I hope you have a wonderful ___ (insert your time here)!
<3 Kayla

P.s. fun tidbit of insite, Kenna is coming over tomorrow night and our plan is to develop the beginning of our monthly bundles!!! Stay tuned for more on that later!!!  <3

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