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Welcome to the Accidental Nomad Life, a ministry to lift up those struggling wherever they are in life. From motherhood (and new mamas) to those struggling with self-identity, friendships, and marriage you can expect to find solace and hope within these digital walls. The posts that you will find here are mostly raw, heart-felt lessons that I have learned in the midst of my own struggling as well as fun happenings in my life.

Here at the Accidental Nomad Life, my desire is to address struggles and challenges in a different light than many other blogs do. Coming from a world of chaos and difficulty, I write from a gracious, understanding point of view. My goal is to encourage you with positivity and light rather than discourage you further with negativity and darkness.

Hi. I'm Kayla, and I'm the voice here behind the screen - welcome to my Minnesconsin life. Wife to Andrew, mother of four boys, lover of Jesus, graphic designer, coffee drinker, friendship pursuer - there are many titles that I go by, but these are a few of my favorites. I homeschool our two oldest boys (with hopes of also homeschooling the younger two when they're old enough) and I enjoy keeping you up to date on how that adventure is going. I am an exceptionally conservative Christian according to the standards of the millennial generation and every now and then you will find posts challenging the thoughts of society and what it is telling us to believe.
My blogging career began in 2009 when Andrew and I were planning our wedding, but it has not been kept up on or pursued actively until 2014 when I started writing regularly at It has thus transformed to what you see today. The name sprung from the uprooting of our family several times, various occupational changes, uncertain income, and more. Through all of that I saw a pattern of God teaching us to keep the world at arm's length, draw into Him for our security, and keeping our eyes on the final destination of Heaven rather than making any one place here our true home.

My hope for you while you're here (and when you come back) is that you would be encouraged and ministered to not only in your daily life, but in your deepest and most painful struggles; that you would be able to see the light through your dark days by relating to my stories, and perhaps get a chuckle of recognition amidst our daily antics.
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