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All NEW!!! 

I am so excited to announce the opening and release of my Shop Affiliates Program! As you may know, I have an etsy shop where I sell branding and design services as well as devotional journals. Everything is digital download (there may be physical items that make their way in the future) but it ensures that once an item is paid for, it is received. And I love it that way.

I have recently been receiving an incredible response in business and wanted to create an opportunity to help support my fellow bloggers and social medialites by opening up a program that will benefit both of us.



So what is it?

An opportunity for you to make a little bit of money by referring customers and clientele to my shop. The only requirements for the program is that you have an active blog or social media account that gets plenty of traffic. The more platforms you're on, the better for you and me!

You can choose to share a lot, or a little, or somewhere in between. Ways of sharing would be: a blog post now and then (maybe once a month like I do), a review of an item or service from the shop, banners on your blog, buttons on your sidebar, posts on social media, etc. It's up to you how you share and how often.

What are the benefits of signing up as an affiliate?

You will have several options to choose from as far as the perks go - your rewards will be reflective of the income generated through your specific code. Your followers will receive 10% off of their orders when they use your code, and you in turn will receive one of three (your choice) options that I have set up:
  1. 1 free devotional each month
  2. a free updated social media header & logo for the page of your choice
  3. 15% commission on sales made with your code
The free devotional will come every month and the header and logo will be available regardless of income generated. The commission payments will be made once your account reaches $15.

How do I sign up?

By submitting the following form. You will be contacted within one week!

I look forward to this program taking off and being able to help support you while you help support me!

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