Wear it Wednesday: 10xAugust Challenge

Photo by Shanna Camilleri on Unsplash
Shelby and I decided to do a capsule challenge through the month of August! I was supposed to post a couple of weeks ago buuuuuuut I forgot. I wanted to share a recap of what the month looked like for me so far though.

So far, we've done just week days, I do Sunday too, when we make it to church (we've been unfaithful this month so far though).

I really struggle after pregnancy and delivery, to drive myself to have enough confidence and self-consideration to get dressed and shower regularly. I have a strong sense of self-loathing and body shaming due to the weight that I gain and cannot lose. Nursing causes me to be hungry all the time and no matter what I eat or how much, I still feel a gross, shaky feeling that I just can't seem to remedy. This causes me to continue to gain weight, or at least to plateau and I become more and more discouraged and heavy.

I felt like a clothing challenge (with a friend) would help that, and boost my confidence at least a bit. If nothing else, it would give me the drive to control *something* so I wouldn't continue to look worse in the clothes that I wear.

It's a fight, friends. It sounds so horrible as I type this, but really, every time I look in the mirror, I have to try excruciatingly hard to find something I like about how I look and to give myself positivity.

This challenge has been a good moral booster for me, and really, I've had such fun getting dressed and feeling good in my clothes for the last couple of weeks!

Here's what I have been wearing:

Due to the weather being cooler the last couple of weeks than I anticipated, I exchanged my red blouse top from above with the yellow, double hood seen in the photos below. My grey tshirt isn't pictured above, but it has been a staple piece the whole time.



I'm missing 2 pictures, but so far, there has only been one day that I missed getting dressed and that was only because I was sick to my stomach and slept most of the day.

It's really been fun to have a limited wardrobe - it's made it easy to get dressed and to accomplish more during the day because I feel confident and it just boosts my morning mood.

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