Good Reads: Tranquility | a prayer and reflection coloring journal | Review

I'm always on board for a new color book (even though I rarely use them after the first or second time...) especially when it includes the Word of God. I'm excited to share with you about the prayer and reflection journal, Tranquility!
Tranquility; A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal has been a blessed little treasure for me as of late. With so much going on (particularly around the time of the move) and now with baby approaching, this little devotional has been the perfect quiet time for me. It keeps my hands busy, while I can listen to praise and worship on Pandora, and reflect on the Word of God. Bonus, Bennett loves to stand at my shoulder and watch as I color.

Each entry has a short Scripture passage to read, enhanced with a quick prayer, followed up with several lines to write thoughts or expand on your prayer with.

I love the ease and unstructured approach to the lines. Being able to just write thoughts, or not feel like I have to fill them in with X, Y, and Z is a freedom that I appreciate in this book.

I like that my kids can see different versions of quiet time and relationship building with Jesus through a variety of books like this one. I've been glad to add it to my pile of devotional books.

It would make the perfect graduation gift for the girl going off to college, or for the new mama, or even Mother's Day! I know we're past that, but there's always next year. It'd be a great one to keep on hand for sympathy gifts as well, or just an encouraging, SURPRISE-I-brought-you-flowers-and-this-cute-book gift!

I definitely recommend this devotional as a quicky-in-your-purse grab, or as your daily quiet time. It will enhance either scenario and make it easy to do a quick check in on God's Word.

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