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Hokay...the year is like a quarter over already...by next quarter, we'll have a new baby! WHAT?! So exciting!!!
March was an interesting month. Our taxes came back and all of the sudden, Andrew and I felt free of all of the burdens that we've carried the last 16-ish months. What a relief. March was kind of huge for us.

It was also big because it was a year ago in March that I began writing here at the Accidental Nomad Life blog. It was really exciting for me to look back and see how far I have come and how much God has done in my heart and identity over the last 12 months.

On that note, March was a bust for most of my goals...Let's take a look, shall we?

Family Goals:

  1. Fit 10 hours of work in for March. I did, however have plenty of jobs during March!
  2. Memorize 4 Bible verses with the kids.Nope. We barely even touched school.
  3. Eat Whole 30 the whole month (with exception to the kids having snacks).
    Again. Nope. It was a rough month of eating...TOO much fast food, I'm ashamed to say...

Prayer Goals:

  1. Spend 15 minutes each day to journal in prayer.Nope again. I blame it on the trimester and busy-ness.
  2. Memorize 3 verses having to do with prayer.Nope all over again...
  3. Develop a prayer routine for people & requests.
    Aaaaaaaaand another big NOPE. However, I actually did a little recap on Facebook of how this is going...

Blogging Goals:

  1. Begin Etsy Affiliate program.
    Still haven't started this, but a lot of other things happened. Just a different focus, I guess.
  2. Add Etsy pieces.
    I did get Etsy pieces added, and more in progress - woohoo!!!
  3. Newsletter subscribers up to 50.
    Nope, again, other focus, but remember - I have an exciting opt-in now!!! Go subscribe!!!

Personal Goals:

  1. Monitor portion control and junk intake (perhaps in a food journal).
    Kind of...Portion control, yes. Junk intake, no. This one is a halfsies win. No food journal either...
  2. Finish reading 4 books (A Wife's Secret to Happiness, Crossing the Waters, Liked, & Women of Easter).
    Nope. I did, however, get two of the review posts up! Woohoo for that! I linked the reviews on the titles above.
  3. Go for a walk every day that it's warm enough. (This goal may need to change depending on March's weather mood...)
    Yea...this goal was a bust thanks to the weather. Although, this last week it was because of the blog redesign, but the weather seems only to be picking up, so hopefully this will be a reality through April!

Friend Goals:

  1. Send 2 notecards/postcards each week.
    Oops. The notecards (all 2 of them) are floating around somewhere waiting for postage...
  2. Coffee with Kenna once.
    Not even on her birthday. :(
  3. One-on-one date with Brittney.
    YAY! One done!!! Brittney and I went to a book release party at our favorite coffee shop together and we had a couple/few hours together to chat and enjoy one another without kids! It was wonderful.

So...I'm hesitant to set goals for April, but I think I'm getting the hang of what I can/can't accomplish during a month. Part of the reason I don't typically set goals is because of how "go with the flow" our family tends to be. But, for the sake of having goals, I'll try again.


  1. Memorize 4 verses with the kids.
  2. Make 4 meals each week.
  3. Get outside at least 5 times each week.
  1. Record prayer requests & answers.
  2. Pray for a different person each day.
  3. Memorize 1 verse about prayer.
  1. Kick-off Etsy Affiliate program.
  2. Blog subscribers up to 50.
  3. Continue scheduling each day.
  1. Regulate junk food - everything in moderation.
  2. Finish reading 2 books (Liked, & Women of Easter).
  3. Do some type of workout each day - even if it's just a walk.
  1. Mail 4 notecards this month.
  2. Coffee with Kenna!
  3. Bring surprise flowers to a friend.
Ok. There they are. Hopefully I will accomplish more this month than I did last month. I still have yet to print out my goal worksheet and use it...have you gotten it for yourself yet??? Make sure to do so if you'd like to keep track of your goals by your desk!

You could even print it, put it in a frame and use dry erase marker on the glass so you only ever need one copy. Duh, now I have NO excuse not to do this...I'll share a photo on Instagram when I get it done, just so you can help keep me accountable!!!

If you are interested in setting goals yourself, don't forget to download my free goal tracker/printable.

Happy April, friend!!!

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  1. I'm so proud of you for keeping this up. It can be discouraging when there are more goals that remain unchecked at the end of the month than the ones you completed - TRUST ME - but all it takes is baby steps and you'll get there! I've found that if I take my goals and split them up into steps and put them on my calendar throughout the month, I'm better able to complete them. So, for instance, with the Scripture memory, maybe put a reminder on every Tuesday this month to work on one verse. It helps to have it on my daily to-do list as well so I can see the big picture with the smaller steps laid out for me. :)