The Gardening You Should be Focusing On

I started a garden last year. I got everything planted, I had the whole thing mapped out, and two weeks later I fell off the boat. My garden went to the rabbits.

This year I plan on upping my gardening game!

The gardening that I am going to be focusing on is a freezer garden. There are various kinds of gardening you can do. One year I found neat kits at Menards for things like, Salsa Garden, Lettuce Garden, Squash Garden, Herb Garden, etc. On Pinterest you can find other types of gardens as well.

The one that I am going to plant and hopefully harvest is considered a "Freezer Garden" or "Winter Garden." A garden that has things for freezing, canning, and storing for the winter season.

We were blessed by several people that brought us groceries in January. Many of the things that were brought to us were home packaged, home-grown, and those are the things that I am STILL using. It was such a HUGE blessing to receive things like that, it was impressed upon me to be more diligent this year in preparing for the winter with our garden this summer.

I will have things like tomatoes, peppers, and onions so I can make salsa, as well as things like peas, beans, and squash - things that freeze well and will get used. I'd like to focus on creating an herb garden that I can bring inside during the winter and keep outside during the spring, summer, and fall.

My gardening game is still coming together, but I am excited to begin planning it right now.

I have considered doing a hay-garden (people have been using haybales for planting in and it leaves less week cleaning. Otherwise I will just section it off as I did last year, maybe in double rows all the way across this year...It's still a plan in progress - we've got a little time yet.

Are you a pro-gardener? Do you have any tips to share with us?

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  1. Yay! I love gardening! I tried a container veggie garden last year and had little luck with it but all my plants were too small to produce any edible fruit. This year, I'm going to start seeds and put them in the ground and see if I can get better results. I love growing my own food and it's such a blessing not to have to spend so much at the grocery store. Can't wait to see how your garden does!