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I have to say, I have just adored diving into my blog and finding something to do for ME. I don't (and never really) have a hobby, in school I liked to play sports, but once I got married (right after school) it was all work and transitions.
After 8 years of not having a hobby and not knowing what I like, or want to do - I am so thankful for my blog.

Now, one of my favorite parts of blogging is that you can make it a career if you do it right.

I never want my blogging to become commercialized, or over-run with advertising and campaigns. One of my goals is to never put ads on my sidebar, or across the top of my page. They annoy me at other websites and I don't want that experience for you when you come here.

I do however, work with several amazing brands to get a percentage when readers purchase through my links! I'm not afraid of sharing them with you now and then, because I truly believe in either the product, the people behind the products, or the mission of the company.

I will NEVER share or promote something that I am not 100% for. If I share a review of something that I'm not totally about, you better believe my review will reflect that.


Day Designer-

As you may well know, I am a lover of office supplies! I go totally nerdy when I go into places like Office Depot/Max, Target office section, Amazon office things (this goes for the electronics too - I've been drooling over a printer for quite a while now!!!)...

Day Designer is one of the most beautiful office supplies I have ever owned. It is pricey, but the layout of the days and the months, makes it the perfect planner for me. I love how you can break down your day, hour by hour, and write goals and reminders in certain sections as well!

If you click the photo below, you can go and purchase your own and support my writing at the same time! Woo!


The second shop that I would like to highlight is Elegantees.

I'm sure you are not unfamiliar with my love for and association with Elegantees. They are an amazing company, with an amazing mission - which is why it is so easy to love them.

Elegantees was founded to provide a place of employment and learning for rescued victims of sex trafficking. Their goal is to provide "a positive source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives one elegant tee at a time." -Elegantees page

They specialize in designing pieces that are on-trend, but modest. Their necklines are never too plunging, their fits are never too fitting. Their pieces are designed with all body types in mind and they are doing an amazing job catering to the size and shape of everyone! Recently, Elegantees has even begun producing pieces that are fairly nursing friendly!!!

You can shop Elegantees using my affiliate discount code, KAYLANELSON, and it will get you 10% off - plus, Elegantees ALWAYS has free shipping and free returns (in the US), returns within 15 days of purchase.

December Caravan-

December Caravan is a new one to me, but I am so in love with the pieces that she creates! I received a love package for Valentine's day and she included such adorable pieces in it. A tiny notebook with fabric tabs, a planner with ribbon tabs, and a Valentine's Day mini bunting. Just the sweetest little edition to my desk to make it more festive!

As mentioned before, I am a nut for office supplies, so when I saw December Caravan, it was easy to jump on board, plus she is a Christian and a fellow blogger. So fun to support fellow bloggers!

Her prices are so reasonable and her items make the cutest little gifts or burst of festivity for any spot in the house. She has a sweet little bunting about sons that I considered getting for above Baby Linc's bed!

You can use my affiliate code, A1KAYLA, to receive 10% off!


I have several guest posts this month that I would love if you checked out!

Rebekah, from Surviving Toddlerhood had me on last week-

Tiffany, from Seeing Sunshine, is hosting me THIS week (tomorrow actually)-

Bethany, from Book Review Mama, is having me on later this month-

I would love if you would go and check out each of their pages and let them know you stopped by from over here!

Thanks so much for supporting my hobby!

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