The Sweetest Whisper I've Ever Heard

I woke up one morning to open my phone and check the daily verse. The verses from each day, beginning in January 1017, have spoken directly to my heart, as whispers from the Holy Spirit.

This morning though? This morning was different...I woke up and read this verse:
And have you forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons?“My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord,    nor be weary when reproved by him.
For the Lord disciplines the one he loves,    and chastises every son whom he receives.”Hebrews 12:5-6
Mmmmm.....kay...not EXACTLY the verse I wanted to read that morning...I began contemplating. 

What could that verse mean for me? "Jesus, why did you give that verse to me THIS morning?"

-Have I done something wrong that God is cautioning me of the impending discipline?
-What is our family going to face this time? We only JUST began to see the light at the end of the looooooong tunnel we've been in...
-What bad thing is looming for me to be learning discipline from?

We headed to church and I felt a cloud over my head - I was feeling the weight of a possible discipline, but I really felt like there was more to the verse being given to me than that...

As we stood and worshiped, I don't remember what song it was, but during the third song of the morning, I heard a whisper in my heart and a flash before my eyes.

Not a lightening flash. I saw a flash of my past. From the beginning of our marriage, sitting in our very first room together, journaling prayers as Andrew was at Basic Training.

A flash of the fights that we had at that home, and the prayers that I poured out after them.

And then I heard, "I have already disciplined you. I am reminding you that I answered all of your prayers through your trials and disciplines. All of the prayers that you poured out to grow closer, to grow more in love, to be FREE in me, to KNOW me, to SEE me. I answered them. And I did it because I love you."

This sweet message was not an audible one, we were singing, I didn't feel an overwhelming personal presence, or see a man in white. 

It was a whisper on my heart. To my soul. It was one that came so clearly to me and it just released me to bask in freedom.

I know hardship: I know home, car, and job loss, I know the struggle to stay together when things are difficult, I know the struggle to love your kids, and love them well when life is the toughest. I know the struggle of having a husband gone and feeling like you're not only keeping your life together, but running everything else all alone.

The blessed whisper that I received that morning was the sweetest kiss that I have ever accepted.

Listen for him. Be in the Word (even if all that can be is your opening your phone for the verse of the day). If you listen, he will speak. If you look, he will reveal himself. He longs to love you and to pour himself out onto you.

Are you willing to walk the hard days to truly know him?


  1. Oh, I loved this! How encouraging! I'm so grateful we know we can rely on the Lord to see us through whatever life brings. As a side note, I'm a military wife, too! My husband is in the Air National Guard. We military wives gotta stick together!

    1. P.S. I just saw your tab at the top that said Warm & Coztea Exchange and it caught my eye because I make tea cozies! Love that! :)

    2. Amen, me too!!! Awesome, thank you for your sacrifice and for his service!!! Mine is out now, but he loved it while he was in.

      Awesome, jump on the mailing list, I do one each year and you can join us next year!!! :)

    3. Thank you! <3

      Awesome! Will do! :)

  2. Your mama might be crying a little. Sweet King, thank you. ♥️

  3. I always get hung up when I read verses like this but I'm so glad you heard the true meaning of this one. It's amazing how God speaks to us - sometimes in the strangest ways!

    1. Yes, most of the time I have avoided this one because it seems so harsh, but it didn't let me avoid it that day. Haha! It really is - sometimes we just REALLY have to look for it. I feel like I just kept searching, knowing there was SOMETHING more to it than a scolding for me.

  4. A beautiful reflection. A similar verse I read recently from Isaiah is:

    'Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem and proclaim to her that her hard service has been completed...' Isaiah 40:1-2

  5. Love this. I, too, am always wondering when the other foot is going to drop. I shy away from those verses because I don't want God to ask me to be faithful in the hard times! However, I know that He brings things into our lives for our good and His glory. I love your perspective on this!

  6. Thank you for showing the relationship aspect of God in this post. I know that's a weird thing to comment, but I feel like we need more testimonies like this to show that it IS possible to hear from God and that it isn't just the 'super-elite' Christians who can have this kind of relationship.