Daily Ways to Show Love to Your Husband

You're going to begin to see a pluthera of "do this for your husband," "buy this for your husband," "love him like this" posts with Valentine's day coming up and while this post is similar, it was an accident that it showed up just now.

I think with the new year's resolutions for ourselves, there are other areas of our lives that we can apply resolutions to. One of them being, loving our husbands.

Personally, I know that I have struggled to speak love into my husband the way that I should, and some days I just rebel against it all together and don't do what I know would bless him in love. I really would like to work harder at being a servant to him and showing him that I love him, not only beyond the regular ways, but during the daily grind. Simple things that I can do that I know will speak clearly to him every day. He has mentioned to me before that he loves to have his socks matched and for some reason, he really likes when the bed is made.

Yes, mom...my husband is challenging me in both of my hardest housekeeping tasks...So far...I have done fairly well since the start of the year, to match his socks for him. I made the bed one day...so I could take some pictures on it...haha! But in reality, I really do want to try to speak love to him in these simple ways. Plus it'll make my bedroom much cleaner. Bonus!

So, I know that not everyone's husband cares about matched socks and a made up bed, so I asked a handful of married women how they show love to their husbands day to day (some of whom have already done blog posts about it) and this is what they said:

Natasha "I did a post like this not too long ago! Words of affirmation go a long way, you need more than just "I love you" I think our husbands or just men in general need specifics. For example "I love you because " I always leave little notes to my sweetheart throughout the day telling him why I love him and what makes him so special. I love you because, even though my ideas are sometimes crazy, you encourage me to follow my dreams. Etc"

Abby: "Packing his lunch, as often as I can, and sticking cute little notes in it is one of my favorite practical ways to show my hubby that I love him."

Hannah: "For me, I think the best ways that I can love my husband, is simple encouraging him in every possible way I can. Regardless of what the circumstances are, encouragement even in the midst of hard things is important. Encourage him always to seek Christ as well. Doing little things to let him know you are thinking about him, or getting things he needs are all ways you can love your husband!"

Shelby: "knowing their love language and respecting it. My husband is a quality time and touch so mostly he just wants me to sit on the couch with him, I can work, read or blog but he just wants me to sit with him."www.shelbyclarkeblog.com

Faith: "He's on his feet a lot, so I rub his feet at night when we're watching TV."www.faithlovesart.com

Whitney: "When you are up getting something out of the kitchen, ask if he needs anything. Ask him about his day and listen. If he has had a busy day and is tired, let him rest. Cook for him and take care of him and or anything that needs to be done. Show that he is appreciated."www.fabulousinfayette.com

Leslie: "I like to leave him little notes around the house. I even have one saved on the side of the refrigerator for him to see."www.peachykeen32.blogspot.com

Meagan: "I am a health food fanatic, but my husband is too not. I make sure to keep some of his favorite snacks handy around the house so he's not always having to eat 'crunchy'."www.themoogie.com

Morgan: "I wrote a blog post about this not too long ago!"
Beth: "I second knowing his love language, and learning what respect really means in a marriage to a man"www.myinnerrapunzel.com

Ana: "I think all that was listed was great! But a man (hubby)feels loved the most when he is respected. So one practical way of showing respect is by valuing his opinion"www.sheisplanted.com

Ayanna: "Showing my hubby love means making sure we always schedule date nights. With all the demands of families and jobs, it's easy to lose that quality time. So I wrote a post about it."

Judith: "Putting down the phone and giving him my 100% attention when we're spending time together."www.pluckygumption.com

Naomi: "Not nagging. And understanding that his opinion of nagging and mine may be vastly different!"www.127living.com

Phylicia: "I have started turning my phone off completely as soon as he gets home, and on weekends from 5 Pm Friday to 5 PM Sunday. It helps me focus completely on what he's saying and not 'multitask'"www.phyliciadelta.com

Heather: "This year I started keeping a gratitude journal for my husband. Each day I write something that I am grateful for - either something about him or something he's done that day. I plan on doing this the entire year and giving it to him on New Year's Eve."

Brittany: "I get up at 4:30 every morning to see him off to work and pack his lunch even though I hate waking up early. I think it helps us start the day on the right foot." 

Ro: "I like to compliment my husband and let him know that I love him, randomly. When he's home after a long day and when he was working on call on weekends, I'd frequently ask him if he wanted something or if there was anything he wanted me to make for him while he worked. I also pray for him and with him."www.chickenandbliss.com

One of my favorites that popped up a couple of times from the ladies is talk of the phone. Setting it aside so he knows he's got your full attention. I know that I am guilty of this. His stories can get S O  L O N G so I'll grab my phone to zone out and make him feel like I'm listening. I feel bad doing that, so I'd like to stop it. I love the idea that Phylicia shared about having certain times for the phone to be off. Brilliant.

What will you try this year? What simple, daily thing speaks love to your husband?


  1. Love this! The phone ones are SO convicting! I am guilty of that and my husband hates it!!! It's something to work on for sure!!

  2. Thank you! I so agree, it's a tough thing in this day and age. So good to be intentional about it though. Thanks for reading! <3