Wear it Wednesday: You Should Experience Dressember At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why

Last year I was introduced to Dressember, a collaborative movement leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women

I'll get right to the point and say the reason you should experience Dressember at least once is because it will change you. It will not only change the way you think about getting dressed every day, it'll change the way you think about your clothes, your body, the women that make your clothes, and it'll open your eyes (or enhance what you already know) about how close sex trafficking really is to your backyard.

I don't say that to scare you, I'm not trying to use a scare tactic or anything like that, but when we ignore a problem, it doesn't go away, it does get worse though. Or at least continues as it is.

Joining the Dressember movement is about the most simple thing you can do to take a stand for the men and women that are victimized and trafficked and sold that their bodies might be ravaged.

To spend one month (31 days) of the year in a dress is a slight "sacrifice," if it can even be called that, of comfort in order to bring the light to an active, present, continuing crime. The more light shed, the more people that know, the bigger the chances of making a difference become.

We have not all been called to be activists, we have not all been called to be overseas missionaries, and we have not all been called to give a giant percentage of our income to support and sponsor the various ministries that are making a difference. No. But. One thing that we CAN all do, although we may not be called in any of the ways mentioned, we CAN come together, we CAN stand apart and we CAN show people that we care.

Dressember is a great way to do that, to become involved and to take a stand against the oppression that is a reality even here in the United States.

There have been protests against Trump becoming president, stand with us (by wearing a dress) to protest people selling people.

Shelby and I created a Wear it Wednesday team and we would love to have you join us!!!


If you can't wear a dress every day, if you simply don't want to, or if you'd just rather give monetarily, our goal is to raise $1000 as a team, please consider giving. From the website: "Dressember is giving 85% of proceeds to International Justice Mission and A-21 in its 2016 campaign. 15% is retained for administrative, technological, and marketing expenses (almost 5% immediately goes toward credit card processing fees!). This is standard for 501c3 nonprofit organizations, and we are proud of our relatively low retention percentage - many nonprofits retain closer to 20% for overhead expenses."

October 2 (this outfit changed from my duster to my denim vest)

A few things that may keep you from joining Dressember:

  • It's not nursing friendly...
    (like that Cait? ;) ) Sure it is! Wear dresses that have a low neckline - cover them with a sweater if you're conscious about it! Wrap dresses and button-up dresses are always an easy option. Or a tank top and leggings under, shove baby up and viola - pre-made nursing cover! There's also maxi dresses with straps that are easy to pull down. Or wear a maxi skirt like a tube dress with a sweater over - easy to pull down, easily concealed with a sweater...The options are seriously endless!

  • I don't have many dresses...
    That's ok! Founder, Blyth, wore the same dress every day one month. Shelby wore one dress all month last year too! The key to getting through any Dressember campaign is to get creative with your accessories!

  • I'm just not a dress person...
    That's ok, wear jeans under, wear leggings under, anything goes for Dressember, except skirts with tops, that's cheating. Wear a skirt over your dress, wear a skirt under your dress...so many options!

  • You mentioned accessories are good, I don't have very many...
    That's ok, check with friends and family, see if they've got anything to pass on or let you borrow for a month. Arrange an accessories swap where you and a few friends go through your things and bring along items you rarely or never use to trade with one another. It's all free and everybody gets great new pieces!

  • But it's cold where I live, who wears dresses in the winter?
    A ton of people (4,600+ women and more). Winter makes dress wearing even more fun in my opinion. I had so much fun last year using tall socks, tights, leggings, boots, sweaters, scarves, etc. They are so cute for the winter time! It's worth a try!

  • I work with kids and it's just not conducive for dress wearing...
    To be perfectly honest, that's just an excuse. There are teachers that wear dresses to school, daycare providers that wear cute dresses - it's all in your mindset and how you wear it. If you have a large chest, layer a higher neckline under. If you only have shorties, wear it like a tunic with jeans, pants or tights under. If it buttons up the front, just be sure to have a tank top or slip underneath.


If you need more ideas you can check out my Pinterest board:

I know there are so many excuses and "I can't because" but really, it's if you feel a burden to be a light in the darkness, a voice for the voiceless. Many of the victims would never say they are victims or stand for their rights because their captors and abusers have minimized them to nothingness. I joined Dressember because it's something that I can do to make a difference. It's a very small way to stand for truth and freedom for everyone. I want to do my part even if I can't be part of the organizations that fight the war against the sex trade industry.

Will you join Shelby and I in this simple act and make a difference?


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