5 Signs You're In Love With Christmas

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash
Oh my goodness, Thanksgiving is over, I'm finally allowed to start talking (and decorating) Christmas!!! I wanted to share a light hearted post today about how you know if you're in love with Christmas (and of course, a free printable aaaaand a few others to inspire your holiday cheer)!

1. Your Christmas decorations...

just never come down! You put them up the first Christmas that you moved in and just haven't had the heart to undo Christmas! You know, that neighbor that has their house lit up, year round? Yea, inside counts too!

2. You begin planning Christmas gifts...

as soon as 12:00 am New Year's day hits! Let's be honest, this is just good financial advise anyways, but all year long, every where you look you see a Christmas gift for _____! Or planning in September, like me, you know...either way!

3. You have an entire closet devoted to...

Christmas wrapping. Paper, ribbons, tissue, bags, cards, sprigs of greenery, etc., etc., etc. You  may even have a photo album dedicated to screenshots that you've snapped of your favorite IG blogger's perfectly adorned gifts!!! I won't fault you, this sounds brilliant to me!

4. The Christmas music...

even though most people are grumbling and aggravated that Christmas music began ALREADY or is STIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLL being played your heart skips a few beats and your feet tap away to Silent night the whole year through!

5. And finally, the cookies...

you have a whole freezer filled with cookies...for next year already!

Do you know anyone that LOVES Christmas this much??? Haha! I know a mix of people on both sides of the spectrum, and even though they may not be as die hard as the above traits, it's humorous how people vary in excitement and dread for the season.

I for one, love Christmas - I DO begin planning my gift list in September! Although I'm not allowed to decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving that my husband is home, I screenshot my favorite decorators and wrappers from Instagram and begin dreaming of what to do!

I created some fun little gift tags for you if you need a bit of Christmas wrapping inspiration! Download them and print them on white or ivory or even grey card stock! Or print them on sticker paper!

Here are a few of my favorite IG peeps that have been inspiring me with Christmas Spirit:
Grace Note Candle Co is one of my favorites to follow, she is a sweet homeschool mom-trepreneur with a heart for Jesus! She has been downplaying her Christmas decor before due season by only adding in neutral holiday pieces - such a smart idea!!!
Silent Night Holy Night All Is Calm All Is Bright...this song brings memories of going to church as a young girl on Christmas Eve. We would sing this song by candlelight at the end of the service. I looked forward to this moment all year long. Even now as an adult creating new memories with my children. Doing this very same thing at our church brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Jenn @downshilohroad for thinking of me and surprising me with this mug! I feel extra loved today! ❤️ Jenn is true jewel 💎 and I'm blessed to call her my friend! "The best things in life are the people we love, the places we've seen, and the memories we've made along the way." #whitechristmas #farmhousevintage #igfriends #raedunn #cottageandfarm #farmhousechristmas #farmhousedecor #thehomemakingmomma #blessed
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The Home Making Mama has also been doing subdued holiday decor (maybe it's the thing this year) but I just love her little touches all over!!!
Boho Farmhouse just totally makes me swoon! The dark colors that her walls are with the contrasting green of all of her luscious plants!!!! I just love it. And this photo where she pulled in a burgundy blanket and some little trees - so simple, but so impacting for Christmas!
And lastly, Kristin Schmucker has me longing for Christmas (and her beautiful advent book) with her cozy holiday pictures!!!

Are you a total Christmas nut, or do you keep the holiday just to December? What are things that you do to perk up your holiday cheer?


  1. Cute! Love this Kayla and the gift tags are perfect!

  2. Thanks Shelby!!! <3